Which full HD monitor, LCD or LED?

Which one should I get? They both have the resolution I want, should I sacrifice 1.5" because of LED or get the 23" LCD?
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  1. Asus hands down. I am an Acer fanboy, love there products, have to many of them. But for this price you cant beat that Asus monitor.
  2. Have you looked @ this one?

    for $20 more you get the extra size and the LED back light... :D
  3. But is LED itself worth the extra price? How much of a visual improvement is it?
  4. I think it is more of a energy efficiency thing in that LEDs take less energy to put out their light. So basically, it is a 'Green' issue and also a size and weight issue.
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    1st off don't confuse bigger with better. At the same resolution, and all other things being equal, the smaller monitor will have the sharper picture.

    The 23" has a dot pitch of 95.78 whereas the 21.5" has a dot pitch of 102.46 This means that the smaller monitor has 6 more pixels per inch of screen real estate. For many peeps, at the standard PC viewing distance, 96 is the minimum pitch below which the image will appear "grainy". I don't think you will notice any "grainyness" on either but all things being equal again, the 21.5" will appear sharper.

    LED's, in general, are brighter, thinner, lighter, consume less energy, produce more accurate color, are more reliable and last longer.
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