Building My First Computer ($1000 budget roughly)

Hello, first time member and new builder here!

I'm currently building a computer with a budget of roughly around $1000. I've already bought some components from sales I've come by over the last 2 or 3 weeks (halted because I had exams at school); I've come up with the following so far:

Palit Nvidia GTX 460
Gskill RipJaws 2x4gb DDR3 @ 1600
Antec Nine Hundred Case

I'm now looking for the rest of the parts to finish it off. Some of what I've gathered while browsing around are:

CPU: I'm looking at being an i5 (most likely the 750) - budget is around $200 for the cpu.
Mobo: Not sure here; other than the fact that it'll need to be intel, supports LGA 1156 and also supports memory clocked in at 1600
PSU: Most likely in the 600W range - I don't plan on going SLI, so I think that is plenty for what I'll be looking at
CPU Cooling: Utterly lost; I know this is pretty important, but I don't know which models to look for, nor the price range to work with on this. All I know is the stock fans for the i5's are terrible - especially if you plan on OC'ing a bit from what I've read.
HDD: Mostly concerned with the speed; no Solid state, but needs to be 32mb cache (or 64mb if possible) at 7200 RPM. 500gb is a good size; I'm not overly concerned with this as I can always add additional hdd's if storage becomes a concern (I have external an hdd to compensate as well)

Also; I have a concern with the ram that I bought. I bought the pair because I was able to get the price at a reasonable price (recalling correctly, I paid about $10 more than I would had I bought 2x2gb of the same spec'd ram) - so I jumped on it. However, I am aware that lga 1156 cpu's are natively set to support upto 1333 MHz by default without overclocking. So it's apparent that I'll need to be overclocking my CPU which I am fine with - I have no issue with this as I've heard the i5 is excellent for OC'ing to higher speeds (some even going at the 4.0Ghz range). The only issue is that I've never done this before, and I'm not sure how I would go about doing this or how to decide my CPU/Mobo to address the issue. I don't think it's a big one (I know that I've read a lot of people using high ram with higher speeds then the default cpu speed), but it's still a bit intimidating for a first timer =p.

Ram info can be found here:

Thanks in advance for the replies!
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  1. Also i should mention; I don't plan on playing anything hardcore like crysis and whatnot, but I would really like to play a few RTS and down the line, Witcher 2. I'm not sure if the one GTX 460 will be sufficent; if not, I suppose I could rework around to include sli, but I'm not sure how much over the budget I can go. Roughly, I've spent around $400.
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