Hey Guys,

Will I have to install new drivers for the 5670 even though they are both in the Radeon 5000 series?

Also if I do I need to: Uninstall old drivers, power down, swap cards, boot up in safe mode, and install 5670 drivers from right?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Hello all.

    i dont speak, so do not be surprised.
    I have a MotherBoard with IGC HD4200, and I want to buy ATi HD5770.
    I want to know as the rise a perfomance my sistem, if i'm delicious HD4200 & HD5770 in HybridCFX? In percent (%), I count on 7-10%, What do you think?

    sorry for bad English, and thanks.
  2. this is sarcasm?
    proc Athlon II x4, 4GB RAM DDR3 1333, does it matter?
    I want to know the approximate percent rise perfomance in a games.

    veeeery bad english :D
  3. OK, thenks you.
    at least here gave an answer.
    good practical in сommunion on english for me, need to come to you more often :D
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