In urgent need of help! System failure

Hi, just got an almost completly new pc. I kept the case but got a ASUS HD6950 (the 2GB version) , core-i5 2500, 8 GB RAM and an ASUS motherboard P8P67 LE. Oh, and two HDDs one rather old and small sound card and logitech mouse and keyboard. Don't think any of that drwas much power though.

However, I also kept the PSU and I'm really worried that that's the reason my computer won't start up. I can get into BIOS and windows starts to load but when it gets to the point where I should see the desktop I get a super quick flash of a blue screen saying stuff (though it's for less then a sec so ther's no time to read it) and then it just restarts. Possibly BSOD? My PSU is an Antec Earth Watts 500W and it supplies 22A on two 12V rails. My graphic card states that it requires 42A at 12V. So in theory, shouldn't that be enough? However I'm really worried about testing the system more since I've read that an inadequate PSU can damage the system and I bought it two days ago....

So, I'm in a really urgent need of help, and please, don't just add links to the PSU calculator sites. I can do that on my own. What I need to know is, does the individual 12V raild need to supply 42A each? Is my PSU even compatible with my graphic card? IF I need to buy a new PSU, which one? I like my case and have very little money so I want one with the fan on the back and not on the top since my case is a Antec Sonata III Mid Tower.

I would really appreciate a fast, and reliable answer. Thanks!
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  1. The first thing that comes to my mind is that you are using your original hard drive and operating system. If so, that would be your trouble. Windows doesn't always deal well with a significant change in hardware.

    Also, if you press F8 during boot, before the windows screen, you should see an option that says ~"turn off reboot on failure" which will allow you to see the BSOD.
  2. ^+1

    What OS are you using?
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