Which is a better option for a new build?

I am considering a new build for an all purpose pc. The uses include some gaming, heavy business use, web browsing, emailing. I have a monitor that is 21.5 inches and is 1080p.

I have attached a link to a spreadsheet with the build plans.
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  1. Looks fine to me! (THG lastest 'gpu heirarchy chart' shows the 5770 as roughly equivalent to the GTX460, an excellent midrange card...)
  2. Which system looks better to you, one is intel, one is amd
  3. Thanks for the help, I tried to stay away from a really high end GPU because it will probably be used to play console ports and old games and would probably go to waste. I needed an internal SATA connector because I saw the motherboard only provided one cable for SATA, according to the review. I will take your recommendations into considerations. How much does overclocking affect the processor stability long-term (say the next 5 years)? I am considering overclocking.
  4. ^ Ohh, then the HD 5770 would serve well,...
    AFAIK nearly all the boards come with 2 SATA cables, and that board has 6 SATA 3GB/s ports...

    Overclocking to moderate levels with a good CPU cooler like the 212+ to say upto 3.6-3.8GHz wont affect the life of the CPU,...
  5. I was thinking i can get the 3.0 ghz phenom save the 20 bucks and overclock so i think Ill overclock to 3.6 ghz.
  6. ^ Well with that combo, you do get the 955 for the same price of the 945,...
  7. true thanks
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