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3D Vision on 60Hz LCD monitor

Hi everyone, due to high cost of 120Hz capable monitor, I am thinking of buying a LCD monitor with 60Hz frame rate and then use nVidia 3D vision kit with it. Would it (3D) work? I am planning to buy a GTX 460 1GB.
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  1. Its going to look pretty crappy if it does work, you will be restricted to 30FPS for each eye which is about as low as you can while still being fairly playable, the reason 120Hz monitors are used is so that each eye can get 60FPS
  2. But I have heard from tomshardware in there review that you need at least 30 FPS in a game to see stutter free image, and moreover, in a movie, the standard is 24p!!! i.e. 24FPS. Morover, I don't think I am going to have much problem with 30FPS in each eye. So what you do you say? Would it work?
  3. Movies have motion blurr which makes it look a lot smoother than in a video game which does not. 30 FPS gives a lot if not most people motion sickness, but if you can push through it, it could be playable. I'd advise doing a google search on it first.
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    Movies and game images are very different, in a movie if you see frames 1 and 3 you can guess what frame 2 would look like based off the motion blur, since computers do not track what it used to look like and cant know what it will look like each frame is crisp and does not aid in the smearing and motion blur your eyes expect to see so you cannot compare frame rates in prerendered media to frame rates in games which are rendered as you go, they will look very different.

    I personally would much rather have 60FPS than 30FPS and 3D, if 3D isnt spectacular it would likely just be a disappointment.
  5. I don't think it allows you to do it unless it specifically supports 3D and 120 hz.

    You can do the red/cyan glasses way on any monitor though.
    I have tried this and it doesn't look that great. There is annoying color distortion because of the colored lenses.

    In most games the 3D really isn't that great anyways. It's usually the GUI being in the front and everything else having the 3D effect of sticking inside the GUI. In FPS games the crosshairs can be a bit hard to see too. I'm sure it looks a lot better with the shutter glasses.
  6. If you got the money to waste then try it out for yourself and report back...
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