Can this run MSI gtx 550 ti

im planning to buy the Antec Earthwatts EA500D to run the MSI gtx 550ti cyclone II which needs 24amps on the 12vrail. That psu is 500w and has +12V1@22A, +12V2@22A. Can it run it without crashing?Thanks :)
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    a very good PSU with more then enough power and its currently (the PSU) only $54 on newegg after you use the promo code
  2. Where did you get that the card needs 24a's from? its listed as a 110w part (ie - 10A)

    And you relaize you could have the 768Mb version of the 460gtx for less money and it outperforms this card right?

    it states that it needs a minimum of 24a. Thanks for replies!
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