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I am looking to purchase a used server to be my files server. WE are a small company with 25 users. I do not know much about hardware.

I am looking at a Dell PowerEdge
Dell PowerEdge 2950 Dual Xeon Dual-Core 5160 3.0 GHz 2U Server

Intel 5000X chipset
4 GB DDR2 PC2-5300 Fully Buffered (FB DIMM) SDRAM
Supports up to 32 GB system memory

also what is the difference between 4 GB DDR2 memory vs it supports up to 32 GB system memory. Am I correct is assuming that memory and network speed play a big role in file transfer? Any feedback would be very much appreciated.
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    4 gb of RAM (the server likely has at least 8 RAM slots, for allowing up to 32GB of RAM) should be plenty for simple file server for 25 intermittent-use users

    Try to make sure it has redundant power supplies, and redundant Ethernet connections, and, comes stuffed with as many drives as it will handle (6 ea. 3.5" drives)....

    Just realize, that the bare-bones unit from Dell likely only comes with one or two hard drives; you will want it stuffed full of drives for maximum RAID 5 speed/fault tolerance effectiveness....
  2. We have the option of raid or no raid. Does raid slow down the box. Is raid writing to the same thing on both disks or is it splitting the load. I assume more memory is better and if all users have a GB card that should make it faster too.
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