OK So I got a XFX GT240 512MB GDDR5 @ stock it runs at 550/1700mem/1400shader - @ my OC 655/2035/1665, stable max temp 65oC, I was wondering is there any point in flashing the BIOS to a newer card, if so will I gain any type of performance increase, is it worth it?

If it is how do I do this?
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  1. Help would be VERY appreciated, any?
  2. Please guys....
  3. Stop posting like this please.

    If it works fine then don't.
    "flashing the BIOS to a newer card" -meaning gts450? Don't.

    If you want to upgrade the bios of the card to a newer revision of gt240 bios then it might improve performance, but not necessarily. I say leave it alone. If you do something wrong the warranty might not cover that.

    Buy a better card when you have the money.
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