Installation failure - Missing CD/DVD Driver

hey guys, I made the old question more complicated.
A few days ago i bought the new laptop Toshiba satellite L650 - 1MT
Core i3 -380M(2.53 Ghz) 1.066Mhz
2048MB Ram 1066 Mhz +2048MB +1gb VRAM
500gb HDD (5400RPM) SATA

the original windows is Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
so i decided to change it to Windows 7 Ulitmate 32 bit, which i found on Internet as an ISO.
The installation went smoothly and nothing strange happened. But when it goes to the starting page it stops, at the black screen.
I regard that as an Installation Failure. So i tried to find a disc of Windows 7 32bit Ulitmate to reinstal all the things. but the installation process stops and says "CD/DVD...driver is missing" and I browsed all and rescaned but with no luck.

What can/should I do to continue the installation process? I tried many methods like changing ACHI to IDE but still nothing can help.

So in short,
I cannot start the computer, the installation doesn't go,
and further worse, i delected the file WINDOWS when i try to use the repairment tool in the installation disc.

A milion thx for the help
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  1. wasabi2124 said:
    so i decided to change it to Windows 7 Ulitmate 32 bit, which i found on Internet as an ISO
    What were you thinking? Ditch the bootleg crap. 98.5% chance it's pre-loaded with the nastiest maleware.

    Turn on the laptop while pressing and holding the 0 (zero) key.
    Release the 0 key when it beeps at you.
    Select Yes at the warning screen to continue with the system recovery.
    Select Recovery of Factory Default Software; click Next.
    Select Recover to out-of-box state. Click Next again.
    Click Next to Start recovery.
  2. I presses and hold the button 0 but unfortunately nothing happened. Maybe it's due to the declet of WINDOX file. I did that because I do think there are some malware in the iso. What a big mistake I've made..
  3. Hey guys bow it's the new situation. I followed the advice here to wipe down my whole driver with command prompt of windows 7 disc. Now everything is fine but still the statement cd/DVD driver is missing exist. Why...?
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