New PSU result in overheated system


I'm trying to upgrade my PC and till Intel will "complete" a good chipset for 1155 socket i started with a new video card and PSU. So i bought a HD6870 and a Chieftec A135 PSU - 1000W.

I installed this on my old Pentium D 945 3.4Ghz and ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe.

Before this new PSU i've had a generic PSU 275W and my system worked just fine. But this old PSU isn;t supporting this new video card.

The problem is that with this new 1000W PSU my system is OVERHEATED.

My HDD-s (WD Black Caviar) are going at 55 C, my MOBO at 50 C and my CPU at 70 C in just 4-5 minutes after i started any game that require a little the system. As it shows here:

The temperature in my room is the same as always. The case is in same position as always (on my desktop). never before i've had problems with temp. I'm NOT overclocking any of my component. I opened the case for a beter air flow... my side panel.. I do not think that the air flow is the problem. The problem appeard after i installed my new PSU...

Any ideea what can i do?

To install my old PSU is not an option... because it hasn't that PCI Expres power supply cord... and 275W it wouldn't be enoght anyway.
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  1. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    What happen if your remove the new GPU and leave the PSU installed?
  2. Hy Saint19,

    I didn't try this...

    Right now i've monted my old PSU with my last video card.. GT220.. and i'm monitoring temperatures... right now i'm having MOBO 39C / CPU 60C / HDD 37C.

    I will try after this to mount the new PSU without that new HD6870... but why are you asking that? Can the video card modify my system temperatures?

    Thank for your reply...
  3. You new GPU use more space on your case, that change the airflow in some way.

    btw, What brand is the PSU? 1000W is overkill, even if you change the entire rig in future.
  4. My new PSU - Chieftec A135-1000 W

    I understud that bigger = better. For my future rig i will need aprox 650-700. So i bought 1000W to not have any problem.

    About GPU space.. you are right... it streches from back of my case to front where it almost touch with HDD. So yes... the airflow is not the same anymore... but to compensate this i opened the case. I dont have my side panel right now... so it supose to have air for ventilation...

    But to test this i will install that new PSU without GPU... and see what happens...
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