2 GTX 460 or 2 new ATI 6k

I just got my 2 MSI GTX 460 Hawk.
I can still refund them and get the 2 new 6870.
Do you think it is worth it for the same price??

Luckily my X58a-ud3r does Sli and Crossfire.
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  1. The 6870 performs slightly better than a 5850 and worse than a 5870. I think it has less overclocking headroom since the core is already at around 900MHz.

    If you can get the refund, great. If not, then it's not really a huge loss - a 6870 isn't that much better than a GTX460.
  2. IMO if you are going to OC those Hawks up over 900mhz then it's probably not worth the hassle of returning them but if not then definitely swap them for HD6870s. Or return them and wait a month and just buy an HD6950/70 instead.
  3. As bluescreen mentioned, if you can get the refund then go for it.Otherwise, stick with your cards.The difference isn't huge.
  4. Thank you.

    I will get the 6870.
    Now I just need to choose witch one :)

    Thanks again
  5. Brands like XFX,Sapphire and HIS are great.
  6. Is the 6850 not the card that matches up with the GTX 460 ? It can alsobe had 20$ less than the 1gb version here in canada so. Correct me if I'm wrong please
  7. Yes, the HD6850 is very slightly faster than the GTX 460 1gb.
  8. The 6870 are the same price as the 460.
    The only 470 that is in price range is the SPARKLE SXX4701280D5-NM GeForce GTX 470.

    So either I would get 2 6870 or 2 SPARKLE SXX4701280D5-NM GeForce GTX 470.

  9. The most interesting feature of the new series is the morphilogical AA mode. I have a few games that just won't AA normally, but this new AA mode is supposed to work on anything in theory, since it requires no info from the engine and is post process.

    Due to a couple of games I play, I wish I could justify a change.
  10. Since your getting two cards right off. IMO, I would back off the gtx 470's for the cooler running 460's or 68xx's . If your gaming at 1920x1080 your going to have incredible fps in almost every game with every setting maxed.
    Especially if the cards are running on top of each other, without a slot in between.
  11. I will be playing at 1920x1080 on 1 screen.
    I dont know if heat would be a prob with the SPARKLE SXX4701280D5-NM GeForce GTX 470, if its not would that 470 be a better choice?. I got a coolmaster HAF 922 case, I added a MegaFlow 200 fan to the side and I do have a slot between the 2 card.
  12. If your only getting one card, then getting the most powerful card would be the best option.
    To tell you the truth, if you already have two Hawks, then I don't understand the buyers remorse.
  13. Why don't you keep your cards? they can handle all games perfectly on the resolution you are playing.
  14. I just got them, few days ago, so I can still get refund on them.
    I am thinking of changing them for the 6870 because its the same price.
    With the 6870 stronger I will last longer with them then I would with the 460 before I need to change.
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