Eyefinity question

Hello, firstly here are my computer specs:

1x 19inch 1440 x 900 monitor, 1 x 15inch 1280 x 900 monitor
Amd phenom 955 @ 3.7ghz
OCZ 500watt psu
moded Antec 900 case
Radeon HD 5770 vapour X core: @ 955MHz Mem: @ 1250MHz
gigabyte UD3H motherboard USB 3.0 Sata III
2gig 1333mhz DDR3 Ram (upgrading soon)

I have two questions really that would you be kind enough to answer? Firstly is it possible to use eyefinity and game over two monitors that are different resolutions? and can you even do it on only two monitors? If so, how would I go about setting it up please for games such as Just cause 2, and Dirt 2?

My second question is a completely different subject but I would rather ask for suggestions in this thread than starting another and wasting any more of your time. What are my chances of being able to crossfire my HD 5770 with my current PSU here is a link so that you know the specs.


I hope I have not left silly information out but If I have please just ask me and i will reply quickly

Thanks again for your help in both of my matters

Adam :)
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  1. In terms of eyefinity, yes you can use two those two monitors. however it will look AWFUL.

    not only will the resolutions need to be scaled, leaving you with black bars on the top on bottoms, but the monitor images wont line up and will be at different levels. not only that, but the bezels of the screens will run right down the center of the image, making playing the game near impossible. really not a good idea.

    as for the PSU, it may be able to crossfire. it wil lbe close to the edge though. Its a good quality unit, but im not entirely convinved 500w is enough for two 5770's. looking at raw numbers, it should be enough. in practice it may be different though. the only way to be sure is to try it. Your overclock and general system will liekly push it closer to being unlikely though, as it will be drawing a lot.
  2. Thank you for your reply, just wondering how you go about setting eyefinity on two monitors up though? just want to see what it looks for for myself please :) even if it does look terrible? Thanks agian
  3. The same way as setting it up for 3.

    video here:

    Best place for more specific info:
  4. I have 5770 for three display eyefinity.

    Two is really bad, solely because the bezel in the middle, you can't read anything on the screen easily, if at all. Its really not recommended.

    PS> I have dirt2 on my setup, very well.

    your PSU might be a bit small for CF. u can try it, and replace it if needed.
  5. 1+^ i tried testing some games even with two 22'' monitors it just annoys the crap out of me. so im using x2 15" with a 22" in the middle. my advice is just to look around on ebay and see if you can find another 15". then set it up with the 19" in the middle and two 15" on the sides.

    yes you can use monitors with different resolutions but they will automatically go to the lowest common resolution that they both support.
  6. I got a acer x193w from microcenter for &100.

    I would suggest craigslist, be careful tho.

    here is my setup:

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