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I5 2500k and GTX 560 Ti PSU Suggestion?

I am asking you community. So much PSUs out there. Can't decide. Which one?
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  1. Depends on where you are buying from. Stick with Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, Enermax, XFX , Antec, or Silverstone. You need a 500w unit for 1 x 560 and if you plan on SLI I recommend a 650-750w unit.
  2. I hate SLI :) So yes only one card. 500W is enough? Should buy 750W for future upgrades?
  3. the current "rule" is 550w for any single card so maybe go with 550-650w for future upgrades. All the brands I listed are top tier.
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    Too many people under estimate the importance of a strong, quality power supply. Choose one from Corsair, Antec TP, or Seasonic...

    I go a bit over on the size of power supplies, my goal is to keep the supply running dead silent (see below)

    650watts will work for any single GPU system.
    850Watts will work for all but the highest end dual GPU systems.

    Here is a link to show how I determine if the supply will remain Silent under full gaming load....

    I love the Corsair 850HX supplies because they remain dead silent to almost 600watts...

    You get silence to 525watts with the 750HX

    Here is a BIG difference the 750TX is Only silent to 375 watts!!!! (so, there is obviously more going on between these models than Just modular vs non-modular...)

    But THIS is what you need to watch out for , the 650HX is only silent to 260watts !!
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  6. anort3 and jb6684 thanks for the suggestions. I have reading about power supplies for 2 days. And i wanted to make the best choice.
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