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Dxdiag reports incorrect graphic card

Recently my 4870x2 died and i went out and got myself a asus eah 5870 v2 - Plugged it in and installed the latest drivers. Point to note is that whenever i try to install the drivers from the catalyst setup file downloaded from amd's website the display driver installation always fails (other things like CCC etc install but the display driver will fail). However when i run windows update from device manager the driver is installed and everything works fine.

What bugs me is that dxdiag reports my graphic card as 4870x2 still. Ive uninstalled the new card multiple times, ran driver sweeper, rebooted and installed the new drivers again, and still the same. Another point of interest is that a couple of times windows action center reported that my ati driver had stopped working and then recovered, something i never encountered the 2 years i used my 4870x2.

Also as a sidenote i think the card itself is fine. temps are normal, game performance is superb (can play crysis at ultra 8xaa 1980*1020 with 35+ fps) but still i want to get to the root of why i cant install drivers except through windows update and why dxdiag is bugging out on me. btw gpuz, device manager and catalyst control center report my card as a 5870.

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S ive tried installing multiple versions of the catalyst drivers as well (10.4, 10.8,10.9 and now 10.10) all with the same result. fails when catalyst install manager tries to install but successful when windows does it. Never faced this issue with a 4870x2. Is this a software issue or hardware?
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  1. Re-install your windows and see if it helps.
  2. time for a fresh install of windows...
  3. Running driver sweeper in safe mode fixed the issue of catalyst install manager failing to install the driver, but dxdiag still reports the card as 4870x2. Whats interesting is that it reports 4870x2 with a d3d11 ddi. I know its not a big deal since everything is working fine but its still bugging me and would like to know whats causing this problem. As for reinstalling windows i really dread the idea because of the amount of backup and reinstalling of programs id have to do.
  4. Go into control panel under performance information and see if you can refresh the info and see if that helps.
  5. nope this dint help either. Ive opened system information page from the advanced tools option in the control panel. under components in display it shows 5800 series. im at my wits end as to where dxdiag is getting 4870x2. i know it was my previous card but ive uninstalled drivers, ran driversweeper, ran it in safe mode and still no dice. i hope that this is a software glitch and not that ive been somehow cheated.

    screenshot of my system information page

  6. Pehaps try updating your directx.

    I am not too sure where dxdiag checks for it's info.
  7. no dice. i give up. perhaps ill do a fresh install of windows after my semester exams when i have the time
  8. An update. just out of curiousity i plugged in a spare 5750 that was lying around and booted my pc. with the 5750 now installed dxdiag reports 5700 series. i take out the 5750 out and put my 5870 back in again. now its back to dxdiag reporting 4870x2. Sigh.
  9. hmm,its very strange.Can you test your card(5870) in another system ?
  10. This has got to be the strangest issue I've come across these forums.Do what Maziar says and post the results.
  11. Ok i did what Maziar suggested. I used my sisters comp. (she has a nvidia gt240 on a p55 mobo). Before i removed her gt40 i checked what her dxdiag reported. it was correctly reporting the nvidia card. I plugged in my 5870 installed the drivers and sure enough dxdiag reports 5800 series card nps. i remove my own card and plug in her gt240 back and its back to reporting her gt240.

    i install my card back in my system and dxdiag is still stubborn showing 4870x2. atleast i know now that its something with my windows. although i dread the idea of a complete format and reinstall. i have so many important uni applications like matlab and wildfire etc etc that would be a pain to reinstall especially since i dont even remember where the install cds are now.

    Would it be possibly to upgrade install a windows 7 over a windows 7 copy? (like you do with windows 7 over vista upgrade while preserving your programs?). if it is that would be my best bet i guess.

    Another side not is that apart from dxdiag reporting my card incorrectly (after n number of driver sweeps in safe mode and making sure that no traces of previous drivers are left) all dx11 features work properly. i can run tesselation in unigines heaven benchmark etc etc.

    Another thing which is interesting is that for some reason my pc wont let catalyst install manager install the display driver. 9 out of 10 times the display driver installation would fail when catalyst install manager tries to install it. (other components like CCC, avivo etc would install np). Only when device manager installs the drivers from windows update it would install.

    P.S btw she has windows 7 home premium 64 bit same as me.
  12. I know that you can choose "upgrade" when you want to install "Ultimate" over "Premium" but I'm not sure if its possible to do so with same versions.
  13. replaced my e8400 on a p45 mobo with an i5 650 on a p55 mobo and that seems to have fixed it somehow. when i booted my comp with the new cpu and mobo windows did its stuff and installed the necessary drivers and from that point on dxdiag now reports my card accurately as a 5870.
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    That was one of the strangest problems(or lets say bugs)I've ever seen but glad its working fine now(And i think if you did a fresh install of windows it would have taken care of it with your E8400/P45)
  15. yes i reckon youre right. id like to thank all the people here who tried to help me. indeed very strange issue. one of the mods can feel free to close this thread now.
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