Phenom x2 965 temps?

So I got a Phenom II 965 a couple weeks ago and hoping to overclock it i got a Coolermaster V6 GT, case is a Coolermaster nvidia 334 elite.
However Core Temp shows cpu temps of 39-40 C idle and up to 53-55ªC on full load (did stress tests for about 8-9 hours), so i think its not safe to overclock it at all.
My room temp is around 20-25ªC (Night-day).
Do you guys think the gpu cooler is not applied correcly?
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  1. HMMM yeah that seems a bit high, take off cooler clean cpu and cooler surface thoroughly, then re-apply cooler with some MX5 paste.
  2. I live in mexico. A shop nearby sells Coolermaste rHIGH PERFORMANCE, HTK-002. Is that any good?
  3. Or artic alumina and artic silver
  4. Not sure about those ones im afraid.
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    Keep it under 62(amd spec) and you will be good. Arctic silver is good as is Arctic cooling MX thermal paste.

    It is important to know that your board may well be controlling fan speed based on temperatures(and keeping it at 55). so as you overclock, it may just speed up the fan to keep you at that temp. I get about 55 with a Coolermaster 212+ on a PII 955 @ 3.7.
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