Case fans - How to mount them on top?


I am building my first rig and have a Corsair 700D case. I plan to mount 3 case fans on top, but I'm not too sure how they should be mounted.

Should they be mounted:
A. On top of the case OR
B. Inside the case, attached to the underside of the top of the case?

Please let me know. Thanks.

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  1. Inside the case.
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    inside the case, attached to the top as so

    FYI, it should be pulling air away from the CPU and out the top of the case
  3. Thanks, nice pic.

    Are the only things you have attaching the fans are screws?
    My fans only came with screws. Would it help to use nuts also to prevent screws from loosening over time?
  4. the screws are just fine
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  6. You will find that with most case fans, the screws are quite tough to screw in completely... Would take about 200 years for them to come loose, least on my case...
  7. If we're allowed to link videos.. I have one about simple screw installing for case fans. A lot of people have trouble getting them tight, and I put up a simple "tip" for it.. Going to try and link it (give me about 5 minutes):

    There it is, little pointer to make screwing the case fan screws in easier.

    Hold the fan flush against the surface, line up the hole so that you can EASILY start the screw with fingertips. If it's hard to screw in it's going at an angle. Then start each of the four just barely until it freely hangs.

    Once all 4 are started, keep the fan FLUSH (tightly pressed) against the case and screw the screws in the rest of the way.

    If the fan pushes out from adding pressure to the screw (spaces a gap between fan/case) just push it back flush and continue screwing.

    This allows the screws to go in perfectly straight; avoiding stripping of the screw, the fan threading, and avoiding unnecessary unscrewing and re-tightening again and again.
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