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Hi, this guy I know gave me a Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 1GB for free, I currently have a 8500GT in my computer. I dont want to waste my time and put the nvidia geforce gts 250 in my computer and find out its worst than the 8500gt so should i put the gts 250 in my computer it just sitting on my computer Im a gamer and 8500gt isnt working well i can barely play games. So should i put the gts 250 in or will it be a waste of time? Iv notced the nvidia geforce gts 250's heatsink and fan is 4 times bigger than the 8500gt's but which one is a better performer it will take me 5 mins to put it in but i just dont wanna have to waste my time so which is better? :sol:
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  1. it is much better than 8500GT, go ahead.

    check PSU tho.
  2. Woooooah, I just put it in installed the drivers i just did a 3dmark 06 test and get 11000 total score my 8500gt i got 1972 total score
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