If I plug in my headphones in the speaker, will I get good quality?

So I'm about to get the Asus Xonar DS 5.1 sound card. I am going to hook up my Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers. I have some audio-technica noise cancelling headphones that I want to use sometime. For the convenience, there is a headphone jack on the klipsch satellite. If I plug in my headphones in that speaker, how will the sound be? Will it be from the control pod or from the sound card to the speaker to my headphone?
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  1. Should be the same or slighty better due to noise cancelling.
  2. That's not the question I'm asking. I'm asking if the headphone jack on the speaker will have the same audio quality as the headphone jack on the back of the sound. So the speakers are plugged into the sound card. Now what if I plug the headphone into the speaker?
  3. It depends on the speakers, some sound even better by way of there own settings. Others actually sound worse because there eq settings work good on speakers, but bad on headphones.

    Your best bet is to just give it a try. Or use the front headphone jack if you have one on that PC.

    I do not have those speakers to test with, but it should be a quick test. i do not think it will be exactly the same as plugging into the sound card.
  4. I would guess the headphone jack on the Xonar DS's back panel would be the best place to plug the headphones.
    I just plug my headphones into the speaker's (Logitech Z5300) headphone jack just because it's easier.
    (can't get the case headphone jack to work anyway).
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