9800 GT issues when adding more ram

Hello TH Forums peoples, had a question. My PC started to crash out of the blue, so i swapped out the ram which at the time was 2 x 2GB Corsair XMS PC6400 to 2x1GB PC5300 and that fixed the issue. So like any anyone would do, i ordered 2 sticks of 2GB of 5300 RAM, popped them and....back to square one. I noticed the computer graphics were really laggy from start up until it locked up. The rest of the system responded fine but graphics were really slow, like you could see the screen refresh (from top to bottom). I had this system on water cooling for a long time (nothing is wet) but i switched over to air for easier trouble shooting. No matter what speed of 2GB sticks i place in it any combination or slot (dual or single channel) i get the same issue.

MSI-P6N-SLI Deluxe
9800 GT
2 x 150 Raptors Raid 0 (games)
2 x 300 Raptors Raid 1 (OS)
Origninal RAM: 2 x 2GB Crucial XMS PC6400
Current RAM: 2x1GB Crucial PC5300 and 2X512MB Crucial pc5300
OS: Win 7 Pro x64

Any help would be totally appreciated. Also would like to note, that yes i understand this is an older system but it does what i need it to do :) and i have already taken steps to build a new one (was holding out of Bulldozer....what a let down...) but i would still like to get this one going if at all possible.
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  1. Have you got another graphics card to hand?

    Try that out - see if you get the same problem (had something similar just before my old 8800GTX died)

    Also check the timings of your ram in bios, it might still be set for the 6400 clock speeds. - its not likely to be this from what your saying but better check still.
  2. Sorry for VERY late response, i do have another graphics card (Nvidia 7300GS) but i have not had a chance to replace it yet. Will try it tonight. I did check the timings initially and matched to the ram. Interstingly enough, i had to set them manually but to match the ram specs but it didnt matter, it still locked up on me. Did not have to set the timing for the PC5300 RAM, that was set correctly automatically.

    Thanks for the advice its not going unoticed,
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