Gigabyte GTX 460 Super Overclocked any good??

I can't find any reviews on it, and all i get from google is the GTX 470 Super Overclocked reviews. I have the specs and its ~280 AUD at so how does it fair with other GTX 460's?
Series - Super Overclock Series
Model - GV-N460SO-1GI
Interface - PCI Express 2.0 x16
Chipset Manufacturer - NVIDIA
GPU - GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi)
Core Clock - 815MHz
Shader Clock - 1630MHz
Stream Processors - 336 Processor Cores
Effective Memory Clock - 4000MHz
Memory Size - 1GB
Memory Interface - 256-bit
Memory Type - GDDR5
3D API - DirectX 11
Ports - 1 x mini HDMI 2 x DVI
RAMDAC - 400 MHz
Any other good GTX 460's for 250-290 AUD from
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  1. Getting a EVGA OC would likely be better. Or you can wait for some normal 6870's/6850's to be in stock. Theres a 6870 for $300. It outperforms the 460 by about 20%.
  2. If it's similar to the Gigabyte 470 SOC, that is a great card, so I expect the 460 version will be as well. They use "ultra-durable" components and have a really good cooler that is very quiet.
  3. I wouldn't pay extra for a card with a factory overclock. Overclocking a video card is quite simple and you will get much better results on your own so there is no reason to pay someone else to do a poor job of it. Looking at the prices on the site you mentioned the GTX 460 I would get is this;

    Waiting for an HD6850 is also a decent idea if it is comparably priced as ares mentioned.
  4. Here's some info on the Gigabyte GTX460 SOC:

    It is a new release, and looks like it's very similar to the GTX470 SOC version:
    "So overall we really like what Gigabyte did here with this SOC model, the custom cooler is certainly really good and you'll notice severe improvement in cooling at an absolute low noise level." "Is there a downside of the cooling solution then? Absolutely .. the majority of heat is dumped inside the PC and not properly exhausted. So make sure you have a properly ventilated PC with a good air intake, flow and exhaust. Very important."
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