Just finished building pc and wont turn on

Hey just finished building my new pc. I turn it on, everything seems to be running fine. The fans are running led is on. As soon as i attach the hdmi cable, nothing is showing up on my monitor. Not sure whats wrong, used some of the old parts in new pc like video card. Is it the power supply? I would think if it was not giving enough power it wont turn on. The motherboard is a biostar A770E and got a phenom x3.
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  1. cool thxs ill check it out
  2. hmm weird sometimes it make 2 beeps or 1 and other time nothing. Also if i turn off the pc and than i have the motherboard touch the case it turns on hmm one of the corners does not have the mounting thing. Was fine on my other computer like that. Lets see if its the ram...
  3. it works hmm guy on ebay selling some shitty ram grrr
  4. ^ You are talking about the stand-offs ??

    Make sure you have them in place where even it is need, else the mobo will get shorted,...
    Try the bread-boarding step, so that you can make sure that the stand-offs is not an issue,...
  5. yeah thats what i was talking about but with that missing one it does not touch the case. Now about the ram, could it be cause i have ddr 1066? and that i have window 7 32 bit? going to reinstall the 64 bit.was reading that ram has life time warranty, would they replace the broken one or need to get a refund ?
    mm weird now works fine maybe i didnt push ram all the way well thanks for the help
  6. ^ I would suggest you go through that list step-by-step and for sure try bread-boarding,...
    And yes they would replace the RAM if defective, but not sure about the refund though,...
    Glad it worked, so the PC is booting up fine ??
  7. yeah boots fine but keeps on crashing when windows loads but i am guess i have to reinstall it. I just took the hdd from old pc. Also when it boots up, says press f4 to unlock core on the bottom. When i do pc just resets. Does that mean i can unlock the core?
    Also once a while still get a beep on boot up any idea why? It happens on my other pc, just beep once but everything was fine
  8. ^ I guess the 4th core is not stable, hence when unlocked, the PC just resets,...

    As for the beep, check the sequences here and see under the correct BIOS list
  9. k thxs
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