ATI 4670 vs NVIDIA 320

I have 2 graphics cards:

NVIDIA GeForce GT 320 1GB (OEM video card)


ATI Radeon 4670 HD 1GB

I'm not sure which one is better, right now I'm using the NVIDIA...

The NVIDIA one has HDMI while the ATI doesn't =/

So, which one would be better?
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  1. I'm not finding much info on the GT 320. It seems to be a cut down GT 240 as far as I can tell which means the HD4670 is a better card for gaming. If no gaming is involved then it doesn't really matter.
  2. Well, I'm not THAT much into games, the only ones I play are rather old and can run on any decent PC, except for GTA IV, which runs extremely slowly =/
  3. Yeah, GTA4 is very poorly optimized and also very CPU dependent. The HD4670 still would help in that game or any other current games.
  4. There's only one problem... I have to wait to change the graphics cards, or I'll lose the warranty...
  5. My computer was bought by my dad for his small company, for that reason we're not allowed to open the computer up =/

    And it's a Packardbell if that's what you mean >_<
  6. Yeah I think I'll just swap them :L

    And my dad doesn't have techs working for him lol, it's a day care center where my mother and 2 other kinder garden teachers work (I called it company because it was bought under some company contract thing).
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