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EVGA GTX460 FTW SLI or ASUS Radeon 6870 CF

Im at a dilemma. There are no benches of the evga gtx 460 SLI as far as i can find, but i hear its performance might even be better than the 6870 in CF. I can not be sure, as there are no benches of the 460 FTW in SLI. So i am wondering, which cards are better for SLI/CF performance wise? the 460 FTW SLI or the 6870 CF?
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  1. My vote goes to the 6850 in xfire. They OC quite nicely, even without voltage, with it on par with the 460 for overclocking. It starts 5-10% higher than a stock 460 anyway. It also has slightly better scaling, and uses less power. Temps are about even. Also, in about a month, drivers should increase scaling a little, and overall performance by about 5-10%.
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    Keep in mind that, even the the overclocking headroom for the HD6870 is minimal (without voltages yet), the little you can do gives it another 3-5 FPS.
  3. shadow187 said:

    Well with voltage it seems it explodes, people with voltage mods have gotten some insane overclocks out of it on air, like 30-40%. But yes, thats a pretty heavily OC'ed 460 vs a stock 6870. The fact that the 6870 has better scaling and is naturally about 20% faster carries it over.
  4. 6870 is new, and naturally its not fully exploited yet.

    460 FTW OC is selling at the same price as 6870.
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