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I have reason to believe that my power supply failed and in doing so damaged the rest of my PC in an irreparable way. The PSU gets into a loop of delivering 1 second of power and then failing for 2-3 seconds when turned on, and the motherboard + CPU will not deliver any POST code with a known good PSU powering them.

I just wanted to poll the community to see if there was an established method of getting compensation for damages done by a PSU. As I believe there has been some damage done to my system from this power supply (Corsair 750W, I can get model number if needed), is there any way I can go about getting these components replaced? They are all about 3 months old, and have no visible damage.
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    THe PSU is certainly capable of spiking a mainboard...

    (you'd first want to disconnect nearly everything internally, save for cpu, one stick of mem, required mbu/cpu power hookups of course, and , can even try it without a video card, as the MB will/should attempt to post/selftest, and should identify with beeps or LED codes that no video card is found...

    I wish you luck in trying to get Corsair to agree in convering any other components, but, I would not get your hopes up too high....; this is an inherent risk in building your own system....

    YOu can try RMA process/returning the mainboard individually ...
  2. They will only cover the power supply itself, you wont get compensation for it because random failures occur. QC gets most of them before they go out, but some units will randomly fail at an unforeseeable time, its the nature of the beast. You will also note, that most warranties for the other equipment, like the motherboard, will say that they do not cover damage due to electrical issues.
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