HELP!! My comp wont stop beeping when i turn it on.

when i start my hp Pc it turns on but does not boot up instead it keeps making this beeping noise. it just keeps repeating this two second long beep over and over with out end.
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  1. Welcome! It is telling you that something is wrong, it could be that your CPU fan is not spinning or loose connection and so on.
  2. the fans are working and al connections are snug as a bug. i had reccently taken out the cdrom drive so i could take out a broken cd but thats all in right and connected just fine.
  3. If you can recognize the beep here it will tell you what is wrong
  4. An endless series of long single beeps generally indicates a really serious memory problem - like the CPU and BIOS cannot find any.
  5. Hi,
    Turn off
    remove memory and reseat it
    And then turn it back on
  6. Hi Guys

    Had the same problem as Vemill5o4o, I removed and refitted my Ram as suggested by simonyee04 and wholla!!! :)

    Thanks Guys
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