CPU / Video Card Bottleneck?

I cannot seem to find a good reference chart anywhere regarding cpu / video card bottlenecks so I figured I'd ask around and hope to get some opinions.

My sister is running a Socket 754 AMD Sempron 3100+ right now with only 1gb of ram but I have another 1gb in my basement for her. She currently has an X1950 Pro installed but she really only plays stuff like the Sims and World of Warcraft, running in 1360x768.

I'm selling my HD 3870 when I get a new card and she wants to buy it, but I don't want to sell her a card that won't improve any performance for her.

That Sempron has held it's own for years and I know she really needs to upgrade to at least a dual core system but that's not an option for her at the moment.

The 3870 is a nice jump from the X1950 but I'm concerned she won't see the difference if the CPU bottlenecks the video card anyways. I'm thinking it's borderline with the CPU and resolution she's using.
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  1. I had one of those running a X1650 XT as far as im concerned she is bottlenecked already. I prefer restricted but "Bottlenecked" is the accepted term.

    Mactronix :)
  2. Take a look here http://forum.micromart.co.uk/Topic263519-19-1.aspx You may need to register but its a really good guide to getting the most out of a X1950. It made a huge differance to my 1650.

    Mactronix :)
  3. Thank you for the input everyone. I'll be shopping around for her for a dual core mobo, cpu, and ram I guess. She didn't want to spend that much but I guess even for her casualness it's come down to full upgrade time.

    I'll prob go ahead and give her the 3870 as a Xmas gift lol. And I am a good brother lol. In fact so good the reason I was going to sell the 3870 is because I've already given her husband one completely built dual core system with a 3870 (which was supposed to be my HTPC) and gave her a 550w psu and the X1950 w/ a 250gb harddrive for their second system.
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