Temperature :(

I'm having some trouble with my idle temperature. I just don't feel it's as cool as it should be. To make matters worse, I have three different programs telling me different things.

Specs: Asus P867 Pro, i5 2500k, Hyper 212

My mobo is telling me the temperature is 40!
Speed fan is telling me that each individual core is running around 15!
HW is telling me that each core is running around 30!

What do I believe!? Also, with this set-up, what should I expect from an idle temperature?

I really want to overclock, but if my idle is this high, I don't stand a chance.
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  1. Also just used another program and it says 23. This is insane!
  2. Speed fan is buggy i don't use it.
    Use Realtemp and Coretemp for accurate temps.
  3. SpeedFan probably doesn't have the updated info for the Sandy Bridge CPUs. It works great for older CPUs like my Q6600 (only one with the fix for it).

    If anything its going to depend on your ambient. 40c from the mobo is high. The mobo has a sensor near the CPU but not on the CPU so it tends to give a wrong number. Its probably not 40c.

    As said before use an updated Realtemp or Coretemp. Or you can try one from Asus since you have a Asus mobo.
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