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Monitor flicker only at power on time.

I have a Samsung SuncMaster 226BW TFT monitor that is 2 years old and has worked well in that time. Now though, when I power on the computer the screen is dark for a minute then it flickers so wildly that it is illegible. After 2 minutes it settles down to working just fine for the rest of the day. The same problem happens if the PC is woken from sleep mode when the power is still on.

I have tried a different monitor in the same DVI port and there is no problem. If I turn off the monitor then wait 10 seconds it comes back just fine. What can cause this and how to fix it please.
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  1. Sounds like the fluorescent back light might be going out.
  2. I was thinking capacitors maybe.
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    I have just replaced two capacitors (costing £1.09 on eBay each) and the monitor is now working just fine.
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