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Hi guys, im pretty new to the forum but am looking for some advice/guides regarding sharing an internet connection using just windows xp. I have 2 NIC's, one integrated onto my mobo and one pci card. I have read that it is possible to set up internet connection sharing through xp to allow say a playstation 2 to connect to the internet at the same time as my pc without using a router.
Is this true? I tried following through a couple of guides online but whatever i did didnt seem to work. Has anyone got any experience with internet connection sharing? Please let me know if there is a way to do this and if so a step by step guide would be extremely useful. Wanna get to play socom 2 without buying a router and without having to continuously disconnect/reconnect my ethernet cable and reboot the modem.

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  1. Windows does have built in ICS (internet connection sharing) functionality but it isn't that great. It should be ok for just sharing to a ps2 though.
    You can either use the windows network setup wizard or set it up manually. I highly recommend setting it up manually but if you want to get it over with quickly and easily just use the wizard.
    To do it manually do this:
    1) Right click on my network places and click properties.
    2) Right click on the lan adaptor that your modem is connected to (for cable) or right click on your broadband connection (DSL) and click on properties.
    3) Go to the advanced tab and check the box next to "allow other network users to connect...". Select the lan adaptor that your network switch or ps2 is connected to (assuming ps2 is connected via crossover cable). Hit ok.
    4) Right click on the lan adaptor that connects to your network switch or ps2. Go to properties.
    5) Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and hit properties.
    6) Choose "Use the following IP address" and Enter:
    Default gateway:blank
    DNS1:(one of your ISP's DNS servers)
    DNS2:(another of your ISP's DNS servers)
    ISP dns server(s) can be found by going to a command prompt and typing in ipconfig /all. Use the dns servers listed on the lan adaptor connected to your modem (Cable) or on your broadband connection (DSL).
    7) Assign a static IP to your PS2. I have no idea how that is done on a PS2 but I'm sure it is covered somewhere in a PS2 manual or something. Give it this:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS1:(one of your ISP's DNS servers)
    DNS2:(another of your ISP's DNS servers)

    That "should" do it. Make sure there is no firewall enabled on the lan adaptor connected to your switch or ps2.

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  2. Thanks for the advice, I will give it a try tonight when I am home from work.
    This might sound like a silly question but what is a cross over cable, i have an extra ethernet cable which came with my network card, is that what you mean?
    Also this wont change my computers ip address right? It will just assign a static IP to the playstation?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. If you have your ps2 directly connected to your computer you will need a crossover cable. It is an ethernet cable that has certain pairs reversed on one end. This allows the 2 similar devices to communicate with out using a hub/switch. You can usually buy one at any local place that sells ethernet cables. If you have not been using a crossover between your ps2 and computer that has probably been your problem all a long :)
    You will need to set a static IP on your playstation, there should be a way to do it with the controller. If you can't get a static IP on it you will need to get a router because your desktop computer isn't going to assign an ip to your ps2. A router will handle dhcp to assign an ip to your ps2.

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  4. No i think in the network connection setup for the PS2, a disk comes with it when u buy, that there is a section where you can manually set up the internet connection. I will take a look and see what I can do with it, im guessing part of my problem was that I wsa using a standard ethernet cable to connect my ps2 to the 2nd NIC, will have to see if i can pick up a crossover cable and then give it another go.
    Will let you know how it goes as soon as I get a chance to retry.
    Thanks a lot man, sounds like you definitely know your sh*t

  5. Folken, I got it up and running Friday without a hitch, everything u said was a great help, thank you very much man appreciate that a lot.
  6. I would recommend anyone with a PS2 who games online to follow this guide, makes life so simple not having to get a router and not having to continually unplug your modem and plug it back in ...... good job folken
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