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Hi I just ordered and and now waiting for my Haf x. I had actually budgeted myself for the 932, but went with the Haf X mainly because of its unique GPU cooling capabilities, as I have 480 sli. I previously had a Raidmax Smilidon(I know) and I predict a massive difference in temps under load. I kind of asked this question earlier but I just wanted to make sure as the Haf should be in any day-can I use one of the 120mm fans from my smilodon to put in the GPU air duct? I understand they are probably low quality, and over time I will likely get new fans throughout, but will they work and cool my cards adequately? I'm excited about the new case cuz man stuff is cramped atm and I love the cable management in the HAF. This is a link to the Smilodon so you can see the fans I won't get the case for a couple of days so I got time thanks
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    Number 5 bottom picture optional 120mm x 25mm or 120mm x 38mm fan!
    120mm x 25mm std case fan
  2. Ok so it looks like I may have to wait to get those fans then. Hopefully I get an incrementally better experience from just the stock fans for a while
  3. wow this bad boy is huge. Just got it in time to put it together : )
  4. For now can I use one of the 120 mm from the Smilodon? I'm putting the Haf together now and am just wondering if it would help.
  5. This case is amazing; it's huge but has great airflow. One of the best purchases I've ever made-the cable management is also superb. I installed the gpu vent and I'm idling @ 40 degrees celcius, which is awesome considering I'm running 480 sli. Previously I was idling around 57 on one card and mid 60's on the other. Great case
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  7. Yeah I thought about it, but I may get a new mobo/cpu next year to replace my i5-750. Thanks for the help everyone!
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