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Quick answer needed: DVI to VGA adaptor?

Hello! I am looking at buying a Monitor locally because it's on sale ($88CDN for a 19" LCD) and I plan to buy another soon, for a dual-monitor setup with a computer I am upgrading (Upgrade thread HERE). Reason I can see that it is $88 is there is VGA only input, no DVI.

Is this going to cause problems? Poorer quality?

The video card I want has dual DVI outputs, and I have read that you can use a DVI to VGA adaptor cord, now if I am running two monitors and two adaptor cords, will I see a noticable decrease in picture quality?

Thanks in advance! I want to buy one of the monitors today to get this honkin 19"CRT off my desk!
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    There is not a noticeable quality difference.
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