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While plugging in my usb cable to the outside port there was a hefty discharge of static electricity. It turned my computer off. It posted but gave a bootmgr is missing. So I swapped out a couple of hard drives and installed win 7. I get blue screens and shut downs. It won't let me repair boots and sometimes when installing, it won't let me format the drive. I did a ram test and all 16 gigs show no errors. I am thinking processor or motherboard but still not sure. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am running AM3 with a Asus M4A79XTD EVO.
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  1. I'm thinking power supply. Try a different one if you can. Then rma the motherboard. Do not tell asus about the static electricity. Just tell them the board loses power and shuts down. they may tell you it's the power supply, so try it first if you can borrow one.
  2. Thanks for the help. I'm going to go pick up a new power supply. This has happened before and it was a HD that got zapped. Forgot to mention that it sometimes says I have a bad driver when trying to fix the boot setup, I traced it to my sound card. However, I never had a problem with that card or driver before the incident. The OS wll not operate with the driver installed. My video card driver will not install as well. I have video but it will not enable any of the ATI drivers. Correct my newbness, but it could be a power supply because my pci and pci-e slots are not getting correct voltages?
  3. You can also check for "native ide" or "achi" setting in the bios. Set it back to the one you used for the windows installation if it changed.
  4. try a different SATA slot for the HD.
  5. I've tried the HD settings to no avail. My OS is running, but it will not enable the ATI drivers and still a problem with the Xonar DG card. I don't think it is a HD issue. I think it is something with my card slots, so I'm still thinking mobo. But it really could be power supply, mobo or proc? I do know the ram tested good using win7 diag.
  6. xonar/sound card ?................... you can try disabling the on board sound in the BIOS and booting. work ?............... you can remove the xonar card and boot with the on board enabled. get the right xonar drivers and check windows update....... ahh, wait a minute.......... onboard sound/ati sound/xonar sound............ "sounds" like your problem.

    if you can boot to desk top/even in safe mode/ remove the ati drivers.reboot/when installing the ati/amd drivers do an advanced install and only install the graphics driver( CCC to if you want it )...... that should eliminate one of the problems. if it persists, read first part of reply.
  7. I do have the onboard disabled when installing the xonar driver. When I do install the latest driver, it will give me a bootmgr is missing after the install. I have installed the OS on 2 separate HDs. I am then unable to boot the OS, when I try repairing the boot, it says it was unable to complete the repair. I can't even access the HD after that. I reinstall win7. I am also unable to install my ATI drivers, so I can not access the crossfire utility or the ATI control center. I never had any problems with any of these before the static discharge. I keep thinking mobo. I don't want to get a mobo though and doesn't fix the problem.
  8. I just saw smoke coming from the motherboard, so I think I know where I'm going to start. I really do appreciate all the help you guys have given me!
  9. hmm you actually saw an electrical discharge come off the usb port? that's a new one. i guess the lesson learned is, don't lay your computer stuff on the rug, buy a vinyl/polycarbonate mat for your computer area.
  10. the mother board was the reason I mentioned trying a different SATA connection on the board. if the board 'burned' one or more of the other SATA ports may have worked.
  11. Well, It's still doing the same thing. Neither my sound card or video card drivers and catylist drivers will not intstall. Ram still tests good. I still tried with a good HD. The only thing left has got to be the proc or the power supply. Is it true stating that a bad chip wouldn't even boot to windows? If that is true, it has to be the power supply. I'm so frustrated and on limited funds. I don't feel like returning the mobo, because it's an upgrade. I guess it could be both my vid cards and the sound card. I just feel like that is the problem.
  12. Well, for some reason, everything is working fine now... Thanks all!
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