AM3 CPU performance in an AM2 socket

My friend just put an AM3 CPU (Phenom II x2 555BE) in an AM2 motherboard (Abit AN-M2). It boots up, shows temps, and everything runs fine (although it doesn't seem to OC well).

What I was wondering is does the old motherboard affect gaming performance? It runs the Hypertransport at 1000MHz I think instead of the 2000MHz the CPU is capable of, but the HT only goes to slow stuff that it shouldn't bottleneck, right?

I can't find any benchmarks that compare AM3 performance in older motherboards as a drop-in replacement. Does anyone have a link or experience with this? Thanks.
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    There is a difference compared to an AM3 board with DDR3 ram but it is not huge.
  2. @rolli59: Thanks. I guess I'll have him run some benchmarks and we'll see how it compares. I assume it's a very situational dependent advantage then.

    @malmental: I'm a bit surprised too. I tested the board with an 565BE before he bought the 555BE. My other AM2+ board wouldn't post with the 565BE in it, but that was an ECS OEM board.
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  4. The HT link speed is a measure of theoretical bandwidth.

    At 32-bit HT2 is something like 11GB/s and HT3 is 22GB/s. HT2 will not hold you back much, if anything. The only way you will come 'close' is if you crank the IMC/NB to 2500MHz with the HT2 at 1000MHz.

    A PhII 945 at 14x250MHz --- 2500MHz IMC/NB:

    At stock it is 9-10GB/s and 'normal' OC 11-12GB/s. 13.79GB/s was a lucky shot -- not very typical even with an OC.
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