Adding more RAM to already-built computer?


I bought separate parts and assembled my computer about a year ago.

The only thing is that I have 4GB of RAM, and I want a bit more (6-8GB total)

This is the RAM that I bought:

I looked for other RAMs, but I think this is still the best one out there. [DDR3 with 7-7-7-21 timing]

1) Since I barely know anything about computer parts, what restrictions are there to buying RAM? In other words, how do I know if the RAM is compatible with the rest of the PC? [or even better, could you choose a RAM for me?]

2) Is it okay if I have 4GB of RAM with one type, and then buy another 4GB with a different brand and name, or does all of the RAM in one computer have to be the same brand and type?

3) If #2 is possible, then what RAM should I get?

This is what I have:



Graphics card

Hard Drive

Thank you so much!
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    Its ideal to use the same brand/model/timings of ram so if you can still get the same as what you have in the PC, get them. If you decide to go with another brand/model of RAM, replace all of it so your timings will be the same across all the memory boards.
  2. I use cpuz before ordering any new ram. I also pull one stick and check the label for a model number and google it for the voltage and timings. Matching those two specs is your best bet when you can't match the original brand.
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