Need ideas on new components...

Howzit guys.
im building my gaming rig next year around Sandy Bridge, and ive got the main components chosen(or nearly...).
so ive got the CPU, Mobo that i cant choose now, and will have to wait to see wat comes along...
but what about the other components?

I still need:

GPU( dunno if i shld get a 6990[if i can afford it, lol], or 2 6970s in xfire)
Sound card( i dont need somthing too great, just somthing to get me by. im planning on surround sound tho...)
HDD/SSD ( i need +- 1tb of storage, but dont want to spend a lot of $$$ on this...)
RAM (at least 6 gb...but i wld like 8)
Cooling( liquid cooling is preferable, but any equilivant is welcome!)
Case ( i got a Thermaltake M9D, but i think ill need a bigger case)
PSU( ive got a 720w PSU, but i might need bigger)

if theres anything else u can think of, plz share it with me!!!

thanx in advance...
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  1. Fill out form in sticky, link in my sig. We need purpose and budget amongst other things.

    Integrated sound in mobo's if perfectly fine. Discrete sound cards don't offer any noticeable improvement until the high end ~$200 range.

    Initial sandy bridge is dual channel, so 4 gb is fine. No need for 8 unless you have workstation tasks.

    Liquid cooling is no better, louder and more troublesome than air unless you go all out and spend at least $200.
  2. Concur on lack of need for sound card, I would gladly save the $100-$150 at a cost of 1-2% framerates because of additional cpu processing... (havent purchased a sound card since the year 2000-2001 or so!)
  3. i agree with you both, but ive used a onboard soundcard, so ill save on that and not get a sound card. any other ideas? as for cooling, im sticking with air...
    what RAM wld u guys reccomend? i need exact product names, if thats ok... also , if i were to get an odd number of GB(eg 5gb) wld there be a problem?
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