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Don't want to screw it up. I figure I would try flashing the BIOS to the most recent which is 9/22/11. I have the x57 758 EVGA board. The instructions say; put the image on RW disc, go into BIOS, load defaults, set the DVD drive as "loading" put the disc with the image of the BIOS in, save and exit bios, follow instructions for Flashing Bios, then when complete, shut down completely. Turn on system, go to bios, load defaults, put HDD back as "loading" and make sure bios disc is out. save and exit BIOS and let system load. If new BIOS shows on POST, success!

Did I miss anything?
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  1. You may want to consider clearing the cmos before starting the system after the flash but what you have said seems fine.
  2. I read when you shutdown after flash, pull plug out, hold down the CMOS button for 30 seconds, plug PSU back in and fire up.
  3. Why do you want to flash the BIOS? unless the BIOS update has something that you can't do without, then don't do it. Why take the risk of bricking your motherboard if there is nothing wrong with it.
    Saying that a couple of extra steps you should consider 1) Make sure that any overclocking is removed and the BIOS is in its default state before updating. 2) After you have done the BIOS update don't forget to clear the CMOS memory correctly. This is by using the link on the motherboard with the power cord DISCONNECTED.
  4. Thanks. Have been thinking about it and was going thru the FAQs and noticed that flashing the bios wont correct the issue I have.
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