Need advice on budget gaming pc parts (first build)

its been taking me ages to come up with a list of components to build my first gaming pc, this is something i always wanted to do. Ill be using it for gaming and maybe some 3d designing, also want to try out overclocking :D

my budget is from $600 to $800,rather have it around 600 if its worth it, i already own a keyboard, mouse and dvd burner, i also have an 18.5" widescreen LCD but i want something bigger, i also have widows 7 too.
so heres my list, but the problem is that i went over the budget

**Graphic Card
Name: GeForce GTS 450
Price: $115 –
Name: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5770 1GB (*preferred*)
Price: $150 –

** Processor
Name: i3 550 3.2GHz
Price: $120 –
** Motherboard
Name: Asus P7P55D-E
Price: $156 – // link2 Prices: $149
** Case
Name: Rosewill CHALLENGER Black Gaming
Price: $55 –
** Power Supply
Name: C Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II
Price: $120 –
** Ram
Name: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB)
Price: $70 –
** Heatsink Fan
Price: $55 –

** Monitor
Name: Acer G235HAbd 23'' WideScreen LCD monitor (DEAL OF THE WEEK)
Price: $140 –
** Monitor (if deal ended)
Name: ASUS VH222H-P Black 21.5" 5ms HDMI Widescreen
Price: $150 –
** Hard drive
Name: Western Digital AV-GP WD5000AVDS 500GB 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s
Price: $55 –

I dont know what i should change and if i need anything else, like cables or something like that.
a rating would be good to know how good this list is.
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  1. I would give this list a 4 out of 5 for your budget range.

    I do have some suggestions.

    I don't like saphire for ATI cards.(Most people do though) Perhaps HIS vision tek or gigabyte.

    What is your reason for such an expensive M/B? Are up planning Crosfire or SLI? If not there are single graphics cards boards that are about 90$ that are comprable.

    Concering the Monitors DEFINITLY the asus. I have that exact one. IT"S AMAZING. I have seen many acer screens Die early. Good displays but I question the reliabilty.

    The WD AV-GP is a reliable drive but SLOW. How about a caviar black as an alternative? 500gb 59$ It's 4 bucks more but 5 times the performace with a 5 year warranty.

    Perhaps this powersupply as an alternative. I've never heard of yours.

    I like that cooler but I also like the Artic cooler 7.
  2. I think the graphic card took the most to find which one i like and that was the only one i kept hearing about for great gaming.

    I shy to say this but i chose the Mobo because it had good ratings and seemed worth it, i also have no idea how SLI or cross fire work exactly, just wanted something that had more than 1 pci-e, incase i need it for something else.

    ill go with ur advice on the HD and PS.

    so is there a difference if i took the i3 540 and overclocked it, also was woundering if the cooler would actually fit in the case and motherboard

    it makes me more relaxed knowing the monitor is okay, had no idea which one to choose.

    which motherboard would be good enough and a good pair of RAM to go with it.

    many thanks :D
  3. The ram you picked is great. They will performe excellent and are a good value. Here is the skinny of Crossfire and SLI

    lol i'll favor abord becuse of the strong reviews aswell.
    SLI Nvidia cards ONLY. It 2-4 graphics card installed on a M/B. Board MUST support this feater more than just have 2 PCIE slots. It has to say Support SLI. Same with crossfire. The performance benifit is not double as we would hope for. Its usaly only 1.2 -1.8 times faster than a single.

    Crosfire. ATI cards ONLY all the above is true for crossfire One thing about both crosfire and SLI is scaling. That mean that when your run a game at 800x600 and then run at 1920x1080 and see the difference in performance. You would think that at the small screen size it would fly. It doesn't its just the opposite. For some reason you get little to now benifit of sli when dealing with small resolutions. AKA 1 -1.2 times performance incress. While at high resolutions Such as 2560x1200 you get 1.5-1.8 performance incress.

    NOTE: SLI and Crossfire ONLY improve performance for games. It will have little to no effect on everyday applications.

    So that board is fine if you want to leave that option open to you in the future. But if you don't think you would ever really do that kind of set up then theres cheaper alternatives.

    There is definite benifit to overclocking. It's not typicly significant as getting an i5 instead of an i3 but it will close that gap. But I don't feel that you'll need to overclock the i3. Its Extreamly powerful as is.

    The coolers will fit the boards (most likely) But theres no real way to tell until you try putting it in. It can be hit or miss. These are huge coolers. I use the antec 900 case with the artic cooler 7. And it comes out to the glass with about 1 inch to spare. Half inch from the top about 3 inches from the side and the same from the video card.I also used this same setup in a cheapo case the xion somthing if forget. But it fit fine.
  4. well that should some up pretty much about the sli and crossfire, guess i wont really be needing it then, as long as the graphic card will be good enough.

    so what would a good mother board be at a cheaper price, since i wont be using the SLI or crossfire.

    ill try to find a smaller HSF just to be safe.

    so that should sum everything up except for the Mobo, and what r some other alternative graphic cards that would be good enough for gaming.
  5. To clarify what thlillyr said, SLI is for a pair of identical nVidia cards, and Crossfire is for a pair of identical ATI cards. I point this out because you list one of each on your initial list.
    Take a look at a 1GB version of the GTX460. It is stronger than either of the two you listed, but despite its two PCIE power connectors, it actually uses less power at idle than the HD5770.
    For a single video card, a 500W-550W PSU is enough. If you think you'll ever add the second, a 650W PSU would be a safer choice. A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification. I generally buy Antec or Seasonic, but Corsair, Enermax, and XFX are also among the better brands; so is PC Power & Cooling.
  6. This is a more suitable PSU for you


    I like these boards. Both still have the second pciE slot but it only runs at x4 speeds not x16. They both support crossfire still. But realisticly that second slot should be used for somthing other than a crossfire setup.
    Gigabyte 119$

    Look at this video card. Its an ATI 5870 (One of the fastest our right now) and currently it comes with a free 1tb HDD a seagate barracuda. Thats a good drive to. Does that fit in the budjet after we reduced the prices on the M/B HDD and PSU
  7. Something like this
  8. i think Drew tech nailed it. I use the rosewill PSU all the time. Its what I've got in my system right now powering 5 HDDS and 2 video cards for 3 years. Including that exact gigabyte video card.
  9. wow thank u everybody for the great advice, ill go with Drew tech's list, also found the MObo to be discounter more :)

    didnt plan on going AMD, so is it better then the i3.
  10. also will i be needing any wires or cables for the build or anything else.
  11. For budget gaming rigs AMD is usually a better deal than Intel.

    The motherboard comes with the Sata cables for the HDD and DVD burner. So you should have everything to build the computer.
  12. well then thats that, ill be going with ur list then.

    also wouold like to thank everybody for ur help, wasnt sure with the list at first but know i am. :D

    can't wait to build the PC <3, might even name it, lol.
  13. think i would still want a HSF too, think i should go for a cheaper one, just want it to be stable at 4GHz.

    cuz always wanted to overclock to 4GHz.
  14. This Freezer Pro for $30.

    I would recommend the Hyper 212+, but I don't think it fits in that case. Looking around the forums I can't find a definitive answer, but I have seen others recommend the Destroyer and 212+ together so idk...

    TBH I think that you will need the 212+ to reach 4Ghz with decent temps.
  15. well if the Freezer pro can get me to 3.8GHz i would still be happy, or something at that range, what about the zalman that 9900. i had a look at the 212+ before and also thought that it might not fit.

    would that fit in the case? and is it worth it to pay the extra.
  16. The case is 7.5 inches and it seems that both heatsinks are about 160mm tall and need an 8" case to fit.
    You could swap out that case with this Haf 912

    Your build would then look like

    If this is too much money the graphics card could be changed to something like this 5850
  17. Whoever proposed that power supply should GTFO !
    Just pay 10$ more and grab a Seasonic S12ii 520 watts KKTHXBAI
    Seriously, who would take a rosewill power supply ?
    Their usb hubs explodes, their Wireless Card doesn't work, their usb key are slow and their hard drive enclosure are noisy.

    Explosion + Doesn't work + Slow + Noisy = Do not buy IMO.
    The power supply is the heart of your computer, I wouldn't grab a heart from rosewill.
    It's like choosing a Seagate Hard drive.
    There is an Seagate hard drive in there !
    Wonder why it's free ?
    I won't tell you, just buy it and be ready to RMA it in a few weeks, along with that Power (I won't say supply because it probably won't supply power) thing.

    I may look like a troll/flamer but believe me one this, do not cut the corner on such pieces.
    Hard drives and Power Supply are two important things.
    Hard drives fail : No computer + Data lost
    Power Supply Fail: No computer + Possible damage to other componant.
  18. ^abs, I think you are basing you statements off of things that use to be true, but not necessarily anymore.

    Rosewill psu review

    The 7200.12 has a different firmware than the old 7200.11 that had the failure problem. Most people on this forum recommend the 7200.12 and the samsung spinpoint f3 as the best current drives.
  19. I agree with drew tech. i have 8 7200.12 and my work only sells 7200.12 and never seen an rma. roswill psu are fantastic used 30 of themfrom nomal build to 4 way sli never an rma. Rosewill is now a quality company think of them lik hyundai the used to suck now their one of the best.
  20. well it all seems really good, a lil bit above the budget, but by buying the 5850 GPU i can save $60, but everything else seems great, kinda waned a case with LED fans, but guess thats out.

    but ill be getting the $800 dollar after the new years,around jan 5th, so will all the combos still be the same or will they change?

    also if there is anything i should try getting now? and keep the rest for later, maybe even the prices would go down a little, who knows.
  21. another thing that i would like to have but dont really need, is a case with a side window that can fit the hyper 212+, also saw some purple LED that i think would be a nice touch.

    here are some cases ive been looking at, didnt want the price to go above $70, that width is above 8" , also with some cooling fan options. (learning alot, much thanks to drewtech and thlillyr)

    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K58W Black 0.8 mm SECC, Plastic + Mesh ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    NZXT LEXA S LEXS - 001BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case
    (width is 7.7", dont know if thats okay, but really like this case )
  22. sixthseven, thats a nice build, but it will go was over budget once u add the monitor, case and heat-sink, i liked the GPU u selected 170$
  23. That NZXT Lexa S @ $55 with promo code is a great deal, and I looked at the reviews for it and it does fit the hyper 212+. I would get that case right now if you could because the promo code expires tomorrow.

    To make it under $800 it would look like this

  24. now thats as good as it can get, its no problem its its rite above the $800, so ill wait n get them all together, i might even add $60 and get the hd5870 combo instead of the gtx 460.

    ill check how high the price will go later on.

    drewtech u seem really good :D, ill pm u to email me the cart list if u dont mind.
  25. SamiSC said:
    now thats as good as it can get, its no problem its its rite above the $800, so ill wait n get them all together, i might even add $60 and get the hd5870 combo instead of the gtx 460.

    ill check how high the price will go later on.

    drewtech u seem really good :D, ill pm u to email me the cart list if u dont mind.

    The 5870 with hdd combo will probably change by Jan. 5th. The rest will be the same though.
  26. in my opinion u should get an i5 or if it's price is high then u should go for amd athlon ii 750k or amd a8 5600k besides i3 cause intel is good after reaching 200 dollars price lower than this price amd :)
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