Best graphics card for sound and video? on a Intel DQ965GFKR mb.

So this is an old computer I bought about 4 years ago for 300 bucks used when a computer store went out of business.

They told me it was their training room computer.

Running windows xp sp3 32bit.

Heres the rest of the specs.

(1) Intel Pentium D 915 Processor 2.8GHz
(1) 1GB PC4200 533MHz DDR2 Memory (1GB x 1)
(1) Intel DQ965GFKR S775 mATX Motherboard w/Gigabit LAN
(1) 80GB 7200RPM 3G SATA II Hard Drive
(1) 520 Watt Power Supply
(1) 16X DVD Drive Black
(1) Logitech Value 100 Keyboard PS/2
(1) Logitech Black Optical Wheel Mouse PS/2
(1) 3.5" 1.44 MB Black Floppy Drive

The results I'm looking for are meager...I'd like to play 1080p videos and the only game I really want to play is microsofts Age of Mythology (and empires) series of games.

Hdmi output would be really nice. Optical AND coaxial sound output would be huge for me! (I have a stereo with coaxial input id love to use instead of auxiliary) But I think I'll probably get a sound card for that.

I could spend as much as $100USD but less would be great.

I think I might be able to get away with 512mb but im not really sure.

Age of Mythology min/suggested requirements for a graphics card?

"16 MB 3D video card is required; 32 MB video card is recommended."

Although there seems to be a big list of graphics cards not supported listed on this microsoft page...

I dont mind spending more if its worth it value per dollar!

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  1. thank you for the recommendation!

    I am a little worried about one thing though.

    I want to transmit sound and video....I think I am going to need a sound card and a video card...the video card to transmit via hdmi to a flatscreen and then the soundcard to transmit via digital/coax to my dvd player (which has 5.1/1000 watt speakers)

    Unless of course I can transmit sound/video via hdmi straight to a lcd monitor and have it pass through audio via digital/coax to my receiver...But not many lcd monitors have coax output...(receiver doesnt have optical, only coax input)

    A monitor is the next thing I will be purchasing...I like the looks of the 25+ inch LEDs in the $250 range...Or then again I might just finance a 40inch samsung LED from BESTBUY!!! That would deserve a better htpc then what I am trying to run now though...This just needs to be a tide me over....I plan on spending $600usd for a nice cyberpowerpc in about 6 months...Until then I just want to enjoy some movies and a few old games.
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