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My system is amd 740 g motherboard Amd phenom 8750 processer and Nvidia 9800gt graphics board and 3g of ddr2 memory.The problem is none of my games (Borderlands ,Black opps call of duty,Deadrising 2) will run I am getting either frozen screen or error messages after loading ie "3d out of memory"or "negative delta time?" the graphics seems to start sometimes the freeze then stsrt then freeze -----I have changed the graphics card and checked the memory ok My old setup used an amd athlon 11 6000 3gig with the same memory and graphics board with no problem and I am told that the new Amd phenom tripple core processer is better than my old one!!I have checked the bios which i think is configured ok and have now run out of idears so any help would be appreciated
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  1. Ok, um first wall of text is bad, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs are good.

    Second, 740g is not a mobo model, it's a chipset type.

    third, how did you determine RAM is fine? Standard is memtest for 8 passes.

    Also, what resolution/settings are you trying to run? 9800gt is a very old GPU and won't run highest settings on high resolution for those games. The stuttering you're seeing is possibly just extremely low FPS.
  2. first never good at punctuation but dont like being judged!
    Ram was tested ok with mem test program with at least 8 passes also worked fine in my old setup
    I have turned the resolution and settings down but does not make any difference
    My Nividia 9800 gt worked ok in my old setup with the games mentioned
  3. Well, thing is, very few people will bother reading a post without punctuation, even fewer bother responding. They usually just assume poster is an idiot and don't bother helping.

    What mobo do you actually have?

    Are drivers up to date on current PC? (including Direct X)

    3D out of memory errors should only occur if your system does not meet min specs, or drivers are not up to date.

    Also check out these 3 things.

    if you meant athlon ii x4 600 as your old processor, then that's actually a better processor than the phenom x3 8750.
  4. Next question....

    Did you do a clean install with new MB/cpu and GPU, to include all MB/chipset drivers, and latest Nvidia driver package?

    You can't simply change a MB/cpu and gpu, and boot with/use the same OS and games easily....
  5. Yes it was a clean install with xp. The mb/cpu was bought as a package from Maplins and drivers installed from disk supplied.My graphic card has been updated with the latest graphic drivers.Thanks for the suggestion
  6. ram - from your old build? what spec is it? brand? model?

    what motherboard? dont tell me ecs or msi.....

    PSU? sounds like could also be an issue

    you want to hammer your system with prime95 and furmark for a few hours atleast to find stability

    also note when building a system, using new parts and old crappy parts, or cheap motherboards never works

    also did you do a fresh install of windows?
  7. Motherboard is Sapphire Amd 740g series PE-AM2RS740G2?
    The PSU was substituted with a spare but still the same
    Yes it was a fresh install of windows which has all the updades installed
    Thanks for the sugestions
  8. Hmmmm, in order to have 3g of ram you might have 2x512 and 2x1g, so might be you need to find out which if any is the slowest and put them first ???...:)
  9. The 3g of ram is two sticks 2gb on one and 1gb on the other (ddr2 667 modules).Do you think replacing them with 1066 modules woul make a difference?
  10. Tried to load "BLACK OPPS "today .Program loaded then black screen and error report as follows .Direct3ddevice9::present failed ran out of memory (-2147024882)Can any one suggest what might be the problem.Thank you
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