How to set up a server for my laptop to PXE boot to it


The hard drive on my laptop has recently failed me, and I am waiting for a replacement to arrive. I have a small server next to my PC runnung Windows server 2008, and was wondering if I could set this up so that my laptop can boot from it as a thin client? (I believe that it's called PXE booting?)

If so, how would I go about doing this?
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  1. You could start here as it lists what's required:

    Replacing the hard disk would be easier and quicker, but not as challenging.
  2. Hi,

    My hard drive is arriving today, but I just wanted a little project to do, as I have a decent spec'd PC sat next to me doing nothing. I have windows server 2008 installed, Microsoft Distribution tools set up, but it asks for an image. What kind of image would I use if I just wanted to boot into windows, and not try and install it?
  3. You need to create an image; otherwise you got nothing to boot from. TFTP can't work if it has nothing to download and you can't see if it works unless you have a valid image. Follow the instructions to build it from your CD or DVD. This is not a little project.
  4. I have got a windows98 Image from, and am trying it now. I'm making progress, because when my laptop boots to PXE, the log of the DHCP server shows the connection, but just keeps repeating. I think im going to give WDS a go.
  5. Nevermind. I sorted it. For all of those interested, I used this guide:

    And used the pxelinux method.
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