Best Ivy Bridge Compatible North Bridges and South Bridges

Today Tom's published an article concerning leaked information on Ivy Bridge.,14012.html

The Q67, Q65 and B65 chipsets will not support Ivy Bridge, even with a motherboard firmware update, but the Z68, P67, H67 and H61 chipsets look to all be compatible with a required UEFI update. Through the information provided, the complete feature list of the six planned chipsets B75, Q75, Q77, H77, Z75 and Z77 is known.

I will be putting together a PC soon. I cannot wait for IB to come out next year and will be going with an i5-2500K, but I will want to be able to have a system that is compatible with Ivy Bridge. What are some of the best Ivy bridge compatible North bridge and south bridges available.

Let me know what would help future proof my system.

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  1. z68

    its only the south bridge that you should be concerned with, north bridge is integrated into IVB
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