What is my full upgrade potential dell dimension 9150

i am tryn to find what the full potential of my dell dimension 9150, i have already upgraded the ramm and graphics card but i can find out if i can upgrade the processor i would like this to be able to use programs such as adobe premier pro and after effects with no problems
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  1. That chipset is too old for any core2 duo cpus; it's also a btx format board; they aren't made anymore for newer processors. The best cpu that might run is the 805 dual core. Use cpuz to see what cpu you have now. If you're not happy with the cpu, then this dell is a great deal and you can sell your old one on craigslist. http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1142518/
  2. thanks o1die
    ill see if i can get the better cpu if not i will be pricing up a new computer to build that will be able to run the programmes with no problems as i will be editing feature length movies and shorts so i need a computer that is reliable best performance
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