GTX 260 SLI plus GT220 for physx


I own the following system:

i5 760 4.0@ 1.32v
Asus Sabertooh P55
4 Gb ddr3 2200 Mhz Gskill
2x GTX 260 Gigabyte in Sli - the second graphic card is responsable por physx
Asus Xonar
Spire Thermax Eclipse II
Thermaltake Toughpower 850w
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bits with all recent drivers

Here are my questions, since I have a spare pci express slot x1 and pci express riser that allow me to convert any pci express x16 graphic card to x1, so please if someone can help me:
1- Its possible to put to work to 2 GTX 260 in sli and a GT220 on a pci express x1, just for physx all together?
2- Will the system have any gains?
3- The actual sli configuration is the best, or should I disable physx and put only in sli, remaining physx for the cpu??
4- If someone has a better idea, please help!!!

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  1. with sli the the penformance will double not only on games that use physx but on any game that support sli.

    you won't see any gains at all by using phyxs on a gt220, it's already a very weak card and using x1 slot will only kill it even more.

    your best bet is just to enable sli and let both cards handle the graphics, one of them will handle physx while also doing the graphics rendering
  2. just use the gtx260's for physx, no need of another card with 2 of those.
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