Do I need any extra cables?

Buying the majority of my parts next week, I have everything picked out and ready to go. Just waiting on paycheck and check after Christmas prices.

Are there any extra cables or anything that I will need, or is everything included? I think I might need a mini HDMI to HDMI cord for the GPU because the one I see that's included looks a bit short.

here are some of my parts if anyone cares to look.

CPU: i5 760 (already have it, I know I don't need cables for that. came with a HSF which I'm not going to use)






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    GPu comes with adapter. You'll need a separate HDMI cable though. What's wrong with dual link DVI?

    Better PSU for same price after MIR
    xfx 750

    You can also save money with a spinpoint F3 or 7200.12, which is comparable performance for a lot less.

    Also, buying 1156 when it's being replaced in 2 weeks is not a very good idea.
  2. yeah, my dad told me the exact same thing. I already have it though so it is what it is.

    I also already have DVI cables laying around the house, wanted to try HDMI since I've never used it with computers before. Figured it'd look a bit better

    I saw that PSU too, haven't heard anything about XFX so wasn't sure how it is. It's also kinda ugly too but my case wont have a window so it doesn't matter.

    Was going with the F3 but it's sold out, I'm not buying the HDD till about mid January just to see if they get anymore in stock. If not I'll get the WD. That Seagate seems to fail a lot from what I've been reading.
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