Motherboard or PSU problem?

I'm doing my first build and the first thing I did was do a breadboard test - everything was good, OS installed and everything.

But when I installed the parts into the case, and powered it on, when I pressed the PSU switch, the PC turned on- sort of...

The fans were spinning and it made noises like it should turn on, but nothing appeared on screen.

This is weird -

1. I didn't press the power button and it still turned on just from the psu switch being on. It didn't do this in the breadboard test
2. Nothing's showing up on screen!

I took everything out of the case to do another breadboard test, same problem as in-case.

I disconnected everything: hard drive, dvd drive, all pci cards, including video card (I connected the hdmi cable to the Intel HD Graphics port)

Leaving only RAM and CPU and CPU fan in.

Still has the same problem. I turn the PSU on and the cpu fan starts to spin, and not receiving anything on screen so I can't access BIOS!

Is my motherboard broken (maybe it got short-circuited when it was in the case? I really hope not D: )

Or is it a problem with the psu?

Is there a way to fix the problem?
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  1. Please list your system specs: processor model number, motherboard make and model, power supply make and model plus the 12v rail rating in amps, video card, and ram.
  2. Sounds like you forgot to put the case spacers between the motherboard and the case tray.

    Did you put them inbetween or is the board just screwed straight to the metal case?
    I probably get 2-3 customers a year doing this and they wreck every last part of their system usually since it all shorts out and becomes live, hence the fans spin but nothing else happens.

    Take out the board and rebuild it, if you forgot the spacers you may be lucky to have a few parts not blown.
  3. ok, figured it out, it turned out to be a faulty power supply unit
    replaced my rosewill 530w with a corsair gs600
    Thanks Rosewill for making me waste 2 whole days worrying that I fried my motherboard. :|
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