Ati 5750 with 400w psu 19A


My system: intel pentium dual core 2.4Ghz
nvidia 8500gt overclocked
1gb ddr2 ram
asus p5l 1394 mobo
1 vent and 160gb hard drive

Can I buy ati 5750 and 2gb more ram, I have 400w COLORSit psu with 19A? And if I can, can there be a bottleneck? Sry for my bad english.

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  1. The HD5750 may run but it's risky to push low end PSUs to their limits. I would avoid any card that needs an external power connector on a power supply with 19a so the HD5670 is the best choice without an upgrade.
  2. That sounds like a cheap generic PSU. It may be good for 60%-75% of what's on its label. A HD5750 under load might kill it, and cheap PSUs tend to take other parts with them when they die. I would not risk it. The HD5670 that jyjjy mentioned will be a significant step up from your 8500GT, and should be safe.
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