Lost 10% FPS w/catalyst 10.10 heaven

I did a test with 10.9 and test with 10.10 and went from 65.7 to 60.2

My setup:
2 5870 crossfire
i7 930 @ 3.8ghz
ddr3 ripjaw 1600mhz
samsung 1tb hd

So what's the deal? I thought this driver was going to increase it?

Edit: I'm trying to reinstall 10.10 but I keep getting an INF error. :??:
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  1. You'd be better off asking that question in the 10.10 thread.
  2. Did you try a system reboot and then run Heaven again.
    I got strange behavior a couple times with Heaven if I alt tabbed out of it running full screen and then went back in , resumed full screen. Noticed my loading on dual gpu's was less and uneven. This is in a Nvidia SLI setup.
    I keep a OSD of the two gpu's and their load #'s in the corner of the screen.
    Anyways, by happen chance, it was about 10% less performance.
    I was definitely getting the benefit of both gpu's VS just 1, but it was 'off'
    Thats not something I would notice in gaming obviously, maybe in another timed/scored benchmark.
  3. Ya but what's with the INF error now? I can't even really test it.
  4. Wasn't there a thread ware some fanboys said that such issues with ATI did not exist oh yes that eyefinity guy -.- ware are you now?

    The problem is clear and not of your fault so roll back your drivers unless it did improve games that you actually play.
  5. portal said:
    Ya but what's with the INF error now? I can't even really test it.

    If you've decided to post in the other thread there is no reason for this one to stay up.
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