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I have £100 to play with and cant make my mind up on which drive to buy.

i have looked at the ocz agility and vertex 2 mainly.

it is going to be my os drive and i only need around 60gb
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  1. I'd go with the Vertex 2.
  2. Agility 2 up to 10,000 4KB random write IOPS

    Vertex 2 up to 50,000 4KB random write IOPS

    Decision goes to Vertex 2 because the OS makes use of mostly 4KB reads/writes.
  3. +1 vertex 2

    Anandtech SSD bench shows the vertex 2 vs agility 2 as pretty close in everything except Desktop Iometer - 4KB Random Write where the vertex 2 excels greatly
  4. thakks guys, wil go with the vertex 2
  5. aznshinobi said:
    Is the S599 available in Europe? That'd be a good prospect to check out.


    All that review shows is a comparison of the controller chips that are used in each of those SSDs.

    The ADATA is using the SandForce-1200 controller chip and the other two SSDs, the G.Skill and Corsair, are using the discontinued Indilinx Barefoot IDX110 controller. Everyone knows that the SandForce-1200 outperforms the Indilinx Barefoot.

    The OCZ Agility 2 uses the SandForce-1200 controller chip. The Vertex 2 uses the SandForce-1222 controller chip.

    Why even bother looking for an ADATA S599 when it would be comparable to the OCZ Agility 2?

    The Vertex 2 is the right choice.
  6. Ko, if you actually look at the comparisons, ALL of the comparisons, one of them will display the S599 beating out the Vertex 2. Also, the S599 is worth giving a look at because it's most likely cheaper. At least in the US it is.


    You just need to chill dude, I'm just giving him options. I'm sure all the benches count, but an SSD is an SSD, your boot speeds are almost all going to be roughly the same. Meaning the real world performance is all roughly the same. The only difference is in benchmarks. Otherwise, the first page I posted shows the S599 doing well in Real world scenarios.
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