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Freezing / crashing problem

hi all,
am facing an annoying problem at my PC especially during playing games..first the game runs very smooth like nothing is happening or even you dont expect that something will happen..and suddenly the game crashes and the screen freezes during playing the game and every thing stops although am still hearing the background music of the game..then i have no solution except to hit the reset system specs first are : 2g ram ddr2 kingston bass pentium 4 3.1...motherboard gigabyte ep45-ud3r...HDD 640g WD..Power supply 450 watt HEC made i think..Video card powercolor HD 4670 1GB ddr3...then after that i have upgraded some specs.. renewed my processor to core 2 quad q9550 2.83ghz and added another 2gb ram ddr2 (total 4gb ddr2 ram)..and still facing the same problem..and what makes my problem complicated is that i dont face this problem with all games..i played games like bioshock 1 & 2, resident evil 5,devil may cry 4,PES 09 and 2010,GTA 4 with its expansions,BFBC2,COD modern warfare 1 & 2,world in conflict, rainbow six vegas 2,mafia II,company of heroes with all its expansions,dead space,tomb raider underworld,assassins creed,far cry 2,F1 2010 and most of them at hight settings..and i played them without any problem..on the other hand games like NFS undercover , napoleon total war , Halo 2!!! ,assassins creede 2,Kane & Lynch 2 , OFP dragon rising, COD world at war,grid,batman arkham asylum, crysis 2 and other games i really dont remember now are crashing although all of them runs very smooth before they crash or freeze and what makes me more angry that i have friends having PCs with less specs than mine and many of the games that crashes with me works with them without any problem at all..i really dont know what to do more to fix it..i have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card and renewed my motherboard's bios with the latest one also,,by the way am using windows 7 32-bit..i tried before to test this problem at win XP sp 3 and i remember during playing the game..the game was closed and a message from ATI appeared to me with title (VPU Recovery)...and at win 7 also whem i enter the device manager and select the (display adapters) category and then double click at (ATI Radeon HD 4600 sries) it opens a window includes 4 categories 1-general 2-driver 3-details 4-resources and when i choose the details category, my PC totally freezed and i have to hit again reset people, any ideas for my problem ?!!! :S
thnx alot and very sorry for my english :)
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    Clearly you have a problem with your card. First I suggest that you clean the card of any dust (don't be noob just clean it unless you can eat off it) and refresh your drivers. Next you need to figure out the average and high temps during normal gameplay. second you need to factoring in your psu to rule it out as a problem or the problem by checking the volts on the 12v rail or 12 source within your system by either software or by a volt meter.
  2. first of all thnx alot for ur reply..i really cleaned my whole pc and my video card many times even sometimes i used my electric blower to clean them..and for video card drivers i uninstalled them and reinstalled them again many times and even i tried different versions of the drivers,latest and older versions and nothing happened...and for ur 2nd suggestion am sorry,honestly i dont understand it very well so plz can u explain it and make it clearer to me what to do again plz?
    thnx alot
  3. and by the way my monitor is (Philips 105E) 15" and its max resolution i think is (1024 x 768)..i know its an old one but i just wanted to ask if it can be a part of the problem or not ?!!
  4. No but you need to look in your bios and then later load up speed fan or pcwizzard to check your voltages real time. If they are around 11.5v give or take .1v then you need to replace the pcsu. If they are closer to 12v like 11.8 or something like that then it is only your card and that it needs to replaced. There is no fixing what you can't fix if it is the card alone.
  5. ok i have downloaded both of speed fan and pc wizard and both of them shows me many things with their voltages and temperatures..and shows a complete review about the voltages and the tempretaures and fan speed of my whole which part exactly to look about its temperature or its voltage plz ?!!
  6. Look at the 12v rating/source...,
  7. ok man...first i have checked the (+12v) at the bios and it was around (12.365 V)
    at PC Wizard the +12v is (12.54 V)
    i checked up SpeedFan and i found two 12V....+12V and -12v
    the +12V is (totally different from the previous 2 numbers) its (0.45V) !!!!!
    and the -12v is (-16.97V) what do u think about this ?
  8. The voltages are high but shouldn't be a problem so I now would assume that it is only the card so its RMA time.
  9. RMA time ?!!! what do u mean ?
    by the way..i'll give you additional reports about the voltages and temperatures at normal state , and during playing games...
    first at normal state:*System 42 °C
    *+12V Voltage : 12.54 V
    *Processor Temperature : 39 °C

    *Processor Intel Core 2 Quad : Sensor DTS
    Core 1 : 45 °C
    Core 2 : 41 °C
    Core 3 : 42 °C
    Core 4 : 41 °C

    *ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series : ATI Catalyst Driver
    Temperature : 44 °C
    Temperature (Diode) : 45 °C
    Fan : 100.0%

    >>During GTA IV: (the game dont crash with me)
    +12V 12.61v / 12.54
    system 45 °C
    processor temperature 47°C / 52°C

    *ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series : ATI Catalyst Driver
    Temperature : 49 / 52/ 53 °C
    Temperature (Diode) : 50 /51 /53 °C
    Fan : 100.0%

    *Processor Intel Core 2 Quad : Sensor DTS
    Core 1 : 59 / 54/ 61/ 60 °C
    Core 2 : 54 / 55 °C
    Core 3 : 53 / 54 °C
    Core 4 : 51 / 52 °C

    >>During BFBC2 : (the game dont crash with me)
    +12V Voltage : 12.48 V
    System : 43 / 45 / 46 °C
    Processor Temperature : 50 / 46 / 59 / 49 °C

    *ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series : ATI Catalyst Driver
    Temperature : 51 / 56 °C
    Temperature (Diode) : 50 / 55 / 57 °C
    Fan : 100.0%

    *Processor Intel Core 2 Quad : Sensor DTS
    Core 1 : 59 / 53 / 57 °C
    Core 2 : 53 / 51 / 50 °C
    Core 3 : 53 / 50 °C
    Core 4 : 50 / 47 / 49 °C

    >>Medal Of Honor 2010 : (the game crashes with me)
    +12V Voltage : 12.48 / 12.42 V
    System : 44 / 45 °C
    Processor Temperature : 56 / 59 °C

    *ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series : ATI Catalyst Driver
    Temperature : 56 / 57 °C
    Temperature (Diode) : 55 / 56 °C
    Fan : 100.0%

    *Processor Intel Core 2 Quad : Sensor DTS
    Core 1 : 68 °C
    Core 2 : 59 °C
    Core 3 : 59 °C
    Core 4 : 58 °C
    * although u know that when EA launches the beta version (multi-player) for 4 days trial online i downloaded it and played it almost the 4 days with no crashing..i remember it crashed only one time but it never happened again during the 4 days..and then when i decided later to get/buy the full original version of the game i downloaded a torrent (cracked) version just to test the game once again before buying the original copy and u know that for sure its difficult to play multiplayer through cracked versions of the i played the campaign (sinleplayer)..and i am surprised from the huge game crashing every time i play this game !!!! contrary with the beta trial version as i told u thnx god i have discovered this problem before wasting my money and buying the original copy of the game !!! whats ur opinion about this ?!!!
    * the way the report is according to PC Wizard...
    forgive me i know my reply is very long to read and i bothered you..and really i appreciate ur patience with me :D ,but u know am trying to fix my problem as much as i can and trying not to fall again at the same problem in the future.
    Thnx alot.
  10. I think I may have had the same problem as you. Let me briefly explain my story.
    I had a good running computer and I upgraded the video card to a 465GTX 1 GB. I began having problems with screen freezes, black screens ingame (with the repeating sound). Took it to the shop and the guy found out that my PSU fan was not working. Hence I changed the PSU. After changing the PSU to a 750W I was still having the black screen problems (while playing games.... like your story the crash happened when playing games like Empire total war, I ran BFBC2 fine for some odd reason). I didn't know what was wrong with it, could have been anything... (I checked temperature and it was all fine).

    So I didn't know what was wrong with my computer. I updated all the drivers, etc etc and the problem still persisted. Then some guy in Toms hardware told me... Are you still using your old power cord (from the old PSU)? I said yes. I quickly ran to my basement and got the new power cord (from the 750w) psu and plugged it in. The computer worked like a charm, no more problems persisted.

    So, CHECK your PSU. Like you I tried everything, but found no results. Check if the fan is working, check if your psu can handle your vid card. Most importantly, if you've recently got a new PSU, CHANGE the cord.

    Also, does your screen freeze randomly during normal things like browsing ? Is the PSU new?

    When you first bought the pc did you have this problem?
    Did you change anything before the problems happen?

    More info on how the problem started would be appreciated :).
  11. Chances are that you got a software bug with either the drivers or the games them selves. I got one game that just doesn't run worth a damn my self but every thing else is good. So find furmark and see if it crashes to or any old game like wow (you can play for free on private server) or try any other games. If they all crash except for a small few with no artifacts then it could be a corrupted windows instillation (one user here on THG solved his/her problems that way) but I think that you have already tried that so if you got a little cash around then go get a different model ATI card or Nvidia that is suitable to your needs and budget as I have done this once when I had no other choice. Nvidia rarely has problems except for Fallout 3 crashing.
  12. < nforce4max > : am not quite sure about this but i dont think its a software or game or windows corruption because i gave to my friends some of the crashing games to test them at their PCs and laptops and no one complained from a crashing problem and i have done the opposite thing, that i have took a working game from my friend that he dont face a crash problem with it even he finished it..and tested it at my pc and it crashed !!
    and for the windows (as u mentioned at ur msg) i have already tried this..and even i have reinstalled the windows for 3 times and the problem is till existing !!
    and for the video Card drivers i told u before that i have reinstalled different versions of ATI and old ones..and they are all useless !!
    and for the "little cash" really having a little cash for a new video card..but the problem is that if i decided to buy a new one so i have also to buy a new and more powerful PSU than the one i have, and i dont have the cash to buy both of them at the same time :S !! so i have to get one of them now and the other i dont know which one of them to get now , the video card or the PSU ?
    for the video card , i'll not go with the ATI this time although all of my old video cards are ATI and i was an ATI lover..but after what happened to me with my recent video card i really started to hate ATI,and for the first time i think i'll go with am planing to get the GTS 450 or the GTX 460..some people told me that its better to get the GTS 450 as for sure its cheaper than the GTX 460 and a good value for money and for gaming performance and somehow it will be good with my recent monitor (as i told u before its old and its max resolution is 1024 x 768) and for sure with a new monitor...on the other side many people refused this opinion and told me its not a true one, the GTX 460 is having a better & more powerful performance than the GTS 450 many times and at its also will be good with ur recent monitor and with ur future monitor and at the same time its a little more expensive than the GTS 450,so GTX 460 is the better choice for u...And for me am really confused , and i dont know which one of them should i go with ?!! and if i choosed the GTS 450..which brand is the better to get ?!! and the same thing with the GTX 460 ?!! (for me especially at the GTX 460 i prefer to get the Gigabyte GeForce GTX460 768M DDR5 as i have read that its a good brand and the 768M is cheaper than the 1GB and the difference between the performance of the 1GB and the 768M isn't so huge)so what do u think about this ?
    and for the PSU, what are the best brands to get ? OCZ,corsair,coolermaster,cougar,...etc ?!!
    plz give me your opinion and ur advice through all those questions,i would be very greatful if u do so...
    thank u alot...
  13. With those volts you can use a GTS450 or a 5770 without dipping much at all. At the most a 4870/8800gtx/gtx460 Maybe a 4890.
  14. < grub25 > : first, thnx alot for ur reply....
    i dont know if u have read the whole msgs and replies from the beginning...but any way..i'll tell u my story again..(so it will be a long msg..)
    when i decided to upgrade my PC..i bought almost every think except the processor
    So my specs (1) are : RAm 2 GB DDR2
    VGA card ATI Powercolor PCS HD 4670 1GB DDR3
    PSU 450W HEC ATX 12V ver. 2.2 Dual +12v output
    Motherboard GIGABYTE EP45-UD3R rev.1.1 DDR2 1366+
    Processor (my old one) P4 3.1 ghz
    HDD western digital sata2 640G
    Case GIGABYTE Sumo 4192n aluminium body color black (GZ-FS1CCA-ATB)
    OS windows 7 32-bit Ultimatum.
    thats my first PC specs...every thing is running very good with no problem..yes it was a little slow because of course of the processor (p4) but the rest are going very well..even i played many powerful games on it..RE5,DMC4,MW2&1 and many other things i cant remember now..and most of them at High settings and every thing was good.. until i played NFS undercover..from here i discovered the crash problem..and i think another game crashed with me but i dont remember it..may be GRID..but i really dont remember it very i said that may be its from the processor,that its an old one and may be it cant provide a good gaming performance with the rest of my high and new system spcs to run those crashing games very well..and i realized that its the time to get a new processor and i have upgraded my old one with a new (Core 2 Quad Q9550).Then for sure the system became more powerful and faster than i said that its time to try those crashing games especially NFS undercover..i played it and i felt that it more better in game play and faster than it was with the old processor..but suddenly again it crashed during the game play..ops!! why?!! i really dont know..Grid game also the same..and also Napoleon total war,and the list that i have mentioned before at my first many people told me that u need to add more ram memory,,because 2G ram on this specs is not enough especially on the Q9550 and may be its a part of this crashing problem..Honestly for me i dont believe that my 2G ram is not enough and its the reason for this crashing..but at the end i bought another 2G ram now am having 4G memory every thing i guess supposed to work like a charm without any little problem..BUT..everything still as it is..nothing happened at all..the game runs perfect for the first 10/ 15/ sometimes 1 hour without any problem and every thing runs very smooth,then everything stops, freezes,the music is still working but nothing is moving at all on my screen(by the way my monitor is Philips 105E 15" and its highest resolution is 1024 x 768 its old one),i have downloaded the latest video drivers but its useless..then i re-installed the windows 7 again and installed windows XP SP3 with it to test this problem on the problem is still as it is on win.7..on XP the game crashes but the difference here is that at win.7 when it crashes i have to hit the reset bottom again,but on XP when the game crashes the game is minimized and it sent me to the desktop and with a message From ATI titled with (VPU recovery) it says that (VPU recovery has reset ur graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commandes) and the at the end of the msg there are 2 choices 1-send error report 2-dont send,thats it and nothing happens after that the game shuts down..then i uninstalled both widows and re-installed win 7 only..and again the problem is still there the way the freezing happens usually at games..and when it crashes at normal things and at things other than the games,it crashes/freezes at a specific part (i mentioned it before at my 1st msg.) when i enter the device manager and select the (display adapters) category and then double click at (ATI Radeon HD 4600 sries) it opens a window includes 4 categories 1-general 2-driver 3-details 4-resources and when i choose the details category, my PC totally freezed and i have to hit again reset bottom..i think this is the only thing/part the PC freezes at the normal usage..
    about the PSU..i think that its fan is working because when i enter a piece of paper through the fan openings i hear the sound of the paper hitting the fan which means that its working and when i put my hands opposite to its fan opening i can feel the air coming out from it,so yes i think the PSU fan is working..and for sure my PSU according to its 450W can handle my vid. its box it says it demands 450W or greater and 550W & 6-pin connectors for my PSU is supposed to handle it well especially i have read that many people run this video card at PSUs 300W and they say that it works without any problem on it :D
    and for ur word ( power cord) u mean the power cable that comes with the PSU ?!! if u mean yes i bought my PSU with its power cord or power cable and am using it with my PSU of course...and by the way i downloaded the newest drivers and bios for my motherboard..and the condition is still as it pc still crashes and freezes during the games !!!!
    So..have u got any ideas about all of this problem :S ?!!
    waiting for ur reply....and sorry for my English & for any spelling mistakes.
    thnx alot.
  15. do u mean the PSU i have can handle those ?!!! or what ?
  16. Yes but to make sure what model is it just so I or any else is sure so you will have to take a look. If you already have stated it then I didn't see it in your posts.
  17. PSU 450W (HEC) ATX 12V ver. 2.2 Dual +12v output..thats mine
  18. and then..wahts ur opinion about the video cadrs...get the GTS 450 or the GTX 460 768M ? and which brand to get at both of them ? and are both of them suitable with my rescent monitor ?
  19. GTS 450 max as I am not 100% sure about the quality of your psu.
  20. Then..what is your final thoughts about the problem according to the whole previous msgs ?
    *video card problem ? , PSU problem ? , another hardware problem ? , software ? , a need for a CPU cooler ? or what ?....
    >>>BY the way..after 1 or 2 days i'll borrow my friend's video card and in return i'll lend him mine..and we will make a test on each other's video cards to have more identification for the problem..and i'll inform u the results of this dont go away....thnx alot
  21. My thoughts that it is the card but one last thing before you buy any thing run memtest to rule out ram being bad. Beyond that I blame the card.
  22. am so sorry for being too late....but at the end , good friend has lent me his XFX 9400GT 1GB..and i tested it on my PC and played on it the games that used to crash,,and the result is very crashing/freezing happened during playing the game and everything is going well..and at the second day i have replaced my video card with another HD 4670...and till now every thing is very crashing and no freezing till now with most of the crashing its too clear that the problem is a video card problem from the beginnig...
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